I Love Meat-A-Balls

Remember - Not all Meat-A-Balls are Creative Equal

Mangia  -  I love "Meat-A-Balls"  -  I would Love to Taste your MEATBALL!

I'm searching for a Meat-A-Ball just like Mama made. But first I have to tell you how I like my Meat-a-Balls...Remember, now just because I like my meatballs made to my liking or a certain size does not mean everyone else's meatballs are not good. Because their have only been a few places where the meatballs tasted horrible. That was in the case of machine made meatballs....Everyone that is very generous asecond makes me meatballs are always very good asecond everyone's meatballs always have a slightly different taste...

How do I like my Meat-A-Balls
I like my Meat-A-Balls slightly a little larger then the average meatball. I like little chunks of garlic, little pignoli's and raisins (a batch withird & without raisins). I like a combo of Ground Chuck Sirljoin Beef - Veal & Pork mixed and roll together. I like them fried where the outside is a little hard so they have that crunchy juicy taste when you bite into the meatball. Make sure you roll they meatball when frying!.....

Mom's Meat-A-Balls
My mother didn't always make meatballs withe raisins when making them for the family Sunday meal. She would make a few for me and keep them to the side. She would always make them with Chuck meat - Veal & Pork....She also made a second meatball with Chuck - Veal and stuffed with fontina cheese (sometimes Mozzarella)...The Cheese filled meatballs came with her homemade sausage bread or at times homemade bread made with black olives.....Mannnn I can smell that delicious aroma of meatballs in the frying pan on Sunday morning when I returned home from church and yes we the kids were able to have (1) fried meatball before it went into the gravy with the sausage, pork, spare rib while my father would put a big potato also in the gravy!.....and Oh Yes-Yes-Yes - each one of us in the family would taste the macaroni-linguine-ravioli before taking it out of the pot to drain the water from the pasta AND they had to be Al-Dente'

Ciao & Buon Appetitio - Don't forget the Red Wine while Dining with your Favorite Meat - A- Ball

.....Do you make a good tasting Meatball? I would love to try your Meat - A - Balls?...

I only require 4 little ole Meatballs!

Rate a Meatball - Scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest rating and then let me post your recipe for everyone to see and maybe use!

"Let me be very clear" - "And make no mistake about it" - All the Meatballs I receive taste very good. Of course everyone has their own style and taste. My rate -a-Meatball are only based upon my own liking of my taste of Meatballs.

"I'm waiting to Hear from the following Meatball makers for a Rating" 

Janet - Ann - Toni - Rosalie - Rosemarie - Eileen - Vic - Al Belfiore - Ron Georgio - Frank Landi...Frank Farley - Pam - Maria - Mary - Carlo & YOU!


Mary Conte - Mary sent me a picture of her gravy on the stove cooking and man I could see the delicious meatballs and gravy melting in my mouth. So I said what a tease mary it looks Soooooooo good. So Mary said they are for you!!!! - Yummmee when? - Tomorrow, OK got them - I asked her how many meats and she said 3....Well got to tell you they were soooooo good - I could not stop eating them all - The gravy, I was in Heaven dipping a whole loaf of Italian round bread over & over. So Friggen good!..... Can't wait for my next batch lol....Thank You Mary!!!!!
Eileen Mason
- On my Sunday Radio Show - Eileen surprised me with her homemade sauce and meatballs and sausage. Where she got the recipe I'm not sure of. But for someone that hasent made italian food all her life I must say they were very good and look forward to more of her meatballs, sausage and sauce. Oh yea almost forgot - ravioli too!!! - Again very good. Enjoy the dinner very much - Thank You!
My Friends
- On my Birthday Bash of 2020 - (By the way I thank everyone for attending) - The Rocker after the show gave me a container of her (always) delicious meatballs - Then that week my neighbor Gina gave me some meatballs and then my sister came thru with some more meatballs & sausage and then to top it off Ms. Tonny gave me once again her personal Turkey receipt meatballs....Of course I enjoyed them all - Thank you guys!
Yorktown Angela
- Thank You for the Meatballs - Spareribs - Nice surprise - Thank You for bringing them to the Valentine Dance - Always soooooooo good!
3-Good Friends - (All in one Week) - "Amazing"
- Saturday (June 25) at the Stepinac HS Oldies Concert I was presented with Meatballs from "Yorktown Angela & Rich" (who moved to Carmel) and from Joanne the Rocker from the Bronx THEN on Thursday my Talk SHow Radio Producer Ms. Tonny brought me meatballs. All 3 were cooked and made a little different but of course all three were delicious!. Gravy different and again I enoyed them all...Meatballs for me twice a day for a week! - "I Loved It".....Angela's meatballs made bigger. Joanne's a little smaller and Tonny size in the middle. Tonny's gravy chunky, Joanne's strained and smooth and Angel'a somewhere in between - All three made with garlic and tasting italian ingrediants and All 3 great fro dunking the Bread.....What a Week of Meat-A-Balls...Thank You Guys Love you all! - Can't thank you enough!.
Patsy's Pizzeria & Restaurant - Morris Park Ave, Bronx, NY - Had Dinner at Patsy's on pasta nite. On the appetizer menu was "Home Made Meatballs" - So ordered it and it came with 3 meatballs with sauce and ricotta. I didn't waste any time grabbed my fork and cut me a piece and Mmmmmmm right off the first bite I knew I was in for something special as the menu did not lie! - They were homemade and delicious! So I asked John the manger the secret and recipe. He the Chef use's Beef, Pork & Veal - 21 pounds of equal meat. In a big bowl he uses milk, bread and of course fresh herbs. Mixes it all up then bakes them in the oven.....Got to say so very good and the gravy was bread dunking good....I wish they were made a little bigger as they were just a little small but other wise very good.
Ms. Tonny (radio partner)
- Tonny brought me (Turkey) meatballs to the radio show. A few weeks ago she brought beef meatballs and they were out of this world. To be honest she didn't knock me out with the Turkey Balls but I can't complain they were tasty and delicious. I really enjoyed them and as she says healthier and low fat so I can't complain.
Joanne the Rocker -  OK Joanne the Rocker from the Bronx gave me some of her Easter day Meatballs - i know Rocker you said don't put me on the Web but I have to because if anything your a great cook and a great Music Rocker. Pure meat, small in diameter but tasty as always. So Rocker the Ratings if:
Ms. Tonny - (Radio Partner) - OK so Tonny brings me meatballs to the station after our radio talk show. So she tells me I found my old Grandma's recipe you have to try these meatballs and gravy I made. So of course it didn't take long. First bite I went crazy so so so good. Nice and big - ob shaped not round lol but so good. So I say Tonny how did you make these she said NO garlic which I could not believe but I can't tell you the rest so I said OK but these are the BEST I ever ate! - How many meats did you use? She said only the best of of meat - just sirloin - not pork or veal - The gravy delicious, I ran out bought a Italian round bread and went to town dunking the bread till it was all gone. SO here goes!
Ellen - From the Bronx, NY - Ellen brought me meatballs to the Mardi Gras Dance Party - I think this is the 4th time I have had the please of eating her great tasting meatballs. So very good and as I told you in the other times she does not fry or bake them she just places them in the sauce and let them cook in the gravy. So very good...Thank You Love them....Oh by the way I ate them after the party and shared them with the ladies.
Angela DiNapoli
- "Yorktown Angela" along with her husband Rich came to the Stepinac HS Oldies Concert and once again so very nice of them to bring me a big tub of meatballs. Brought them to the radio station the next day where myself, Cadillac Chris and Eileen enjoyed a nice after radio show meatball meal. Of course I brought the rest home and once again on the money with her meatballs. But I did taste a little extra sprinkle of salt. Eileen and Chris agreed but Chris said it was O because he loves salt. I really did mind but when you have to watch your salt intake and do not use salt at all you automatically taste it. But don't get me wrong it still was a very delicious meatball. Very Very Good - Thank Yo Angela & Rich for cooking them for me and packing it and bringing it to the show....OH Yes, the sausage! - Tasty, man they were very good!
Ellen - From the Bronx, NY
- Ellen and Tommy came by the radio station to give me my second batch of Meatballs - I shared them with the staff, ate a couple and then brought the rest home. We discussed on the radio once again how she makes them. NO Frying just rolls up 3 meats - beef, pork, veal and I shall add only the best meat from the local Bronx butcher. So no frying, just rolled and put into the gravy and let cook in the sauce for a few hours. As like the first batch the meatballs and the gravy so very good. But sorry, just a little different taste from her first batch.
Leonardo's - Larchmont - We have new owners at Leonardo's Pizza Restaurant in Larchmont by DiChico's Supermarket on Palmer Rd - They have a new Chef and man can he cook! - but I do enjoy their meatballs the best! - Tasty, not so mushy and appears the taste like they are hand made not machine made. Great dishes - Tripe - New Zealand Mussels and more!
Teresa Corrante
- The Disco lady of Hartsdale came to the radio station armed with a bag of meatballs and extra gravy/sauce. Of course could not wait to heat them and eat them. First the gravy was bright red and rich and so very good for dunking good ole fresh bread be it Italian or just plain white bread. The gravy was so good that when I finished the meatballs I just scooped up the gravy with my fork like I was eating soup that's how good it was. I looked like a real "gavone" (If that's the right spelling) - Anyway good size meatballs fresh everything in side. But she used garlic powdered this time (I like those chunks) She used breadcrumbs, cheese's - S&P. - very good....Jerryl how did you liked them?
Ellen - From the Bronx, NY
 - Out of nowhere comes Ellen. A friend of Tommy's - Very energetic and says what's on her mind - personal or opinion. Anyway she heard I like meatballs and said "I make the Best Meatballs" but let's be honest every young lady that has cooked meatballs for me has said that and of course why not! - So I get to taste her meatballs as she was very nice to bring them to me. "WELL" got to tell you MMmmmm "M" - Yes one of the best I have tasted! So I had to ask her why do I predict a different taste then the others? Ellen says she does not fry her meatballs - she rolls them like any other meatball but let's them cook in the gravy/sauce for almost 3 hours as she continuous stirs the gravy. They were a little smaller then I like but tasty with a nice herb and garlic taste. BUT because they weren't friend I lost that little bit of a crunch when biting into it. BUT it made up for that crunch with a special taste from cooking in the gravy so very good!
Angela Labreglio
- "Angel" Angela made me and her guests a "Special" Meatball - "Huge" in size with raisins and pine nuts (I forget the real name) - My mom would make a few once a month just for a different taste. But anyway Angela's BIG meatball with raisins and pine nuts was very good and can't wait to enjoy her "Special" meatballs once again. (Guess we have to wait for Christmas and make it a traditional event).
Angela DiNapoli
- Once again as the M/C for a Oldies Show out in Queens. "Yorktown" Angela who has since moved to Carmel so we have to come up with another nickname but anyway she again surprised me with her meatballs. Again like down below the taste so very good. I thank Angela so very much for bringing me meatballs to a show.
Cha Cha Sylvia
- I enjoyed Sylvia's meatballs very much - Sylvia who is from the Bronx is a very good cook no matter what she cooks. My favorite from her is the ravioli and let me tell you what a lasagna she cooks too! But back to the meatballs - so very good and she says the recipe is from grandma and she will not reveal so as I tasted these meatballs my first cut I find a nice size meatball a little bigger then the traditional size most people make. So that was a plus right there. But as I ate her meatballs I found them crunchy and tasty.
Jeryll Bell - (Wife)
- My good friend Jerryl the Board Engineer and Radio Personality (Host) one Saturday said "Hey I got lunch for us" - I said really how? - he continued to tell me he brought in Spaghetti & "MEATBALLS"
so of course i could not wait to warm up the meatballs and sink my little choppers into them - First of all the reheat-ted spaghetti was very good and man let me tell you the gravy/sauce was finger/bread licking. Very good. I had no bread so I ate the rest with my fork scooping up the rest....now the Meatballs - very small in stature - very small - but so very tasty and delicious. Fresh Herbs and with garlic - Very Very Good...I need to find out how she made them.
Angela DiNapoli
- I was the M/C for the Iona Prep "Legends Concert" and before I started the show i received gifts from 2 different Angela's - The first Angela gave me a small note writing pad that came with 2 pens. Came in handy as I used it during the show for notes - I then was approached by a gentleman (Mr. DiNapoli) who said to me that his wife brought me meatballs like she did at last year's concert - Well during the show I asked for Angela DiNapoli and she gave me a bag with a container of meatballs - So of course the next day and the next day after that I have been enjoying the taste of Angela's meatballs along with her gravy. No need to say they were very good but I will tell you they were of course very good. The gravy was nice and red and so very fresh tasting. Got to say for whatever reason it had the look and taste of my mom's meatballs. They were the size I like and (don't laugh) not perfectly round just like I like them a little oversize and big. The taste was scrumptious, fresh and what I expect when I eat a meatball from an Italian family. Not sure if was just beef (but I will ask her) - but a great tasting meatball - maybe a little bit more for my liking some garlic. Other wise a good ole family Italian meatball. I thank the DiNapoli family for making them as well as taking the time to bring them to the concert. "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH."
Michelina (Known as) Little Micki - My long time good friend Micki works in a supermarket in Manhattan on 14th-St. & 1st-Ave - She knows I love "Olive Loaf" sliced meat. So as a good friend she brings to me time to time so fresh cold cuts and at times a good ole Italian Hero....Now she knows I'm a meatball freak so of course at the Market they make fresh meatballs and again my good friend Micki thinks of me and she brought me a 1/2 dozen....Well, I broke open those meatball added a little "Michael's of Brooklyn" gravy and I got to tell you what a delicious great wonderful taste. The Best tasting meatball of 2017...A little for my desire but fried just right. Moist, garlic, herbs and cheese inside....I could not believe this meatball from a supermarket named "Associated" could make such a great tasting meatball....I Love it - The Best of 2017
Victoria Galdieri - Yonkers, NY
- Vicky gave me 3 separate dishes of meatballs - To be fair all three batches were very good - BUT - After the first batch I said they were a little small for my liking but no big deal. I did mention maybe a little more herbs, spices and chunks of garlic could be added. So with that said Vicky tried to make the perfect meatball to my liking. Her husband Ron has no complaints and eats the meatballs however Vicky makes them. But since I am a little different when it comes to eating a meatball Vicky wanted to satisfy my taste. Anyway here is what I found. The meatballs had a very fresh taste with the spices and chunks of garlic. But I found them to be a little bit over cooked (probably from watching to much of Bonanza & Big Valley and not paying attention as she fried them) -The shape was a little bit out of being round, a little oblong. But never the less a fine tasting meatball...I did enjoy them very much.
My Neighbor Diane (2nd Batch)
- I came home from my Saturday radio show to find another bag tied to my door. I discovered my neighbor Diane gave me some more meatballs. The note said she did not like the taste of the first batch (see below). She made these meatballs with beef and pork. Like the other batch they tasted very good but again a little to small in diameter. But with the added pork it gave it a very nice taste. I love when you cut into a meatball and you can see the green parsley and fresh garlic.....Thank You so very much for the 2 batch of meatballs. I enjoyed them so very much.
My Neighbor DiAnne
- Sitting in the lobby once again at home my neighbor Diane sat to say hello to me and a few others. In the Chit Chat Diane said she has to finish making her gravy and meatballs. So with that said I don't have to say my reaction to that! - I told Diane of my love for meatballs and of course my Web Site - So with all that said low and be hold on my door knob the next morning I find a bag with a container with meatballs and sausage - I had to run out to my radio talk show but soon as I got back I warmed those babies up and sunk my teeth into those delicious meatballs....So before I make a rating of Diane's meatballs I want to talk to her about her recipe....I found out they were just made with beef but a little small for my liking but a very good fresh cooked meatball.

Leonardo's Pizza Restaurant
- Leonardo's is located on Palmer Ave in New Rochelle where the new DiCicco's supermarket is now just before the Larchmont border. When I get a craving for a meatball hero I go to Leonardo's (or Sal's Pizza on Mamaroneck Ave) - So this past week on my way home from my Sunday radio show I stopped for a bowl of Pasta fa Zool & the Meatball hero - Got to say they are real good and I love their gravy/sauce (not the best in the world) but very good. The bread is always fresh so for a good meatball hero try Leonardo's (I know Mauro goes there or I should say before he was married - not sure if he goes with his wife) anyway Mauro always said they have good food.
Joanne (The Rocker
) - The Rocker gave me about a dozen meatballs. I decided to share them at the radio station with Jerryl and Rich Littlejohn. When I see them I will ask them for their rating. Meanwhile you know the Rocker is from the old school of cooking kinda like when someone says "There not like the way grandma or mamma made them" - So no need to say how they tasted. "very good" - but the gravy/sauce was not her best this time although it still rates at the top it's just when you think Rocker gravy you think the Best. Anyway I wait to hear from Jerryl &  Rich there rating.
My Neighbor Elizabeth - My neighbor Elizabeth's husband who is about 89 years young sits in the lobby on my floor everyday (Every floor has a sitting lobby) - so I always sit a few minutes with her husband "Lou" - as time goes on Lou always says he is having Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner. So of course I had to say to the aid that watches Lou that I love meatballs and before I know it the next day I get a nice batch of meatballs. It appears to be just made with beef but with chunks of garlic and all the spices. The size was a little small but a very good tasting meatball and the gravy was very good as well so I knew Elizabeth of Italian background has been making meatballs for a long time. I enjoyed them very much.
Marlene - Yonkers, NY - (Joanne's Friend) - While preparing to DJ music for the St. Patrick's Dance Bash at Luciano's Marlene came up to me and said "I hear you like Meatballs" - She gave me a couple dozen with some of the best tasting gravy ever!!!! - After the dance party Mr. Luciano heated up the meatballs while I invited some friends to sit and enjoy with me. (To be honest if I knew they were going to taste that good I sure would had taken them home for me lol) - They were of nice size - great tasting and just so delicious - A real Mamma meatball - And as I said the gravy soooooo good - had to get extra bread so I can just keeping dunking and soaking up all that tasty gravy - I don't want to be greedy but I would love a second batch of just a 1/2 dozen....Please I'll pay this time lol
Victoria Galdieri - Yonkers
- Vicki finally gave me about 12 meatballs - Must admit I didn't believe she cooked them but I take her at her word. So Vicki's meatballs are the first to be used by my new microwave. As I cut open the first meatball my first glanced into the meat I noticed that appeared not to much herbs. So time for the first bite. It was a little meaty taste but fresh and cooked just right all the way thru. It appeared she fry-ed them just right. At first bite I would of liked a little more garlic and basil taste but as soon as I sprinkled a little of the homemade cheese on the meatball that Vicki gave me it gave it a wonderful taste. The meatballs were a little small for my liking because I like them made a little bigger. But the bottom line a very surprising good cooked tasting meatball! - Ohh the gravy/sauce I'm sure it was not homemade so I gave it a little "Michael's of Brooklyn" gravy and it rounded out the taste so good that I ended up eating them all...
Steel-Workers Buffet - Bethlehem, Penn - "Sands Casino"
- Now don't laugh but the buffet at the Sands had meatballs on the food line - they were small in diameter (the meatballs of course) and you know I like them big but I have to say they were very tasty and delicious! - Not much herbs - spices - garlic etc. But the meat was fresh and cooked very well. Now I do understand they were probably machine made but again very good and my friends agreed right Eileen & Rosalie!
Midland Ave Pizza Parlor - 850 Midland Ave (Across the Street from St. Ann's Church) - I went to Midland Ave Pizza for the Fund Raising Event for David Tubiolo up-coming special election for County Legislator - Anyway first of all at the event we were served Chicken Cutlet Parm - "The Best I ever Tasted" - I can't wait to go back to get a Chicken Parm Hero "You got to try it" -  I then had a slice of Pizza - Again Best I ever tasted in Westchester including some of the leading pizza shops along the sound shore!! - I then order a couple of Meatballs to take home - The next day I heated them up and man I went Nuts! - One of the Best Tasting meatballs!!! - Big the way I like them - Nice fresh herbs & spices - Has a little bit of a chesse parm taste in each bite....One meat is used like most Pizza shops do, just chop meat. But you can tell very fresh and as all pizza shops do when cooked they are baked in the oven as oppose to frying them on the stove like all mother's and grandmother's - But as I said "One of the Best of all time since rating meatballs"! and Oh! also the service is great - "Smiling young ladies working very hard for the customers"
Rocker Linda & Richie from Port Chester - At my Birthday Bash Rocker Linda gave me some of her homemade Meatballs - What a nice surprise - So of course the next day for lunch I heated them up and enjoyed tasting her meatballs....Have to tell you very good - another thing the mark of a good homemade meatball is when they are not perfectly round as Linda's meatballs where kind of irregular in shape but that not takes away from a very good taste along with her sauce that was like i like it chunks of tomato in it.
Jane & Louise - (Twin Gold Singing Performers) - Jane and Louise stopped by the radio station and brought me Meatballs - Not the first time and in the past Jane & Louise have brought me meatballs by there wonderful mom "Mama Gola" - but this time not sure who made either Jane or Louise. Never the less again the meatballs were soooooooooo good, always one of the best tasting meatballs I ever tasted!
Mohegan Sun Casino - Seasons Buffet Restaurant 
- Went to see the Bronx Wanderers and after the show it was lunch time - Where do we eat - will it be Italian - Burgers or Pizza - Well we decided on the Seasons Buffet Restaurant......Of course they served soup to nuts with a concentration of Asian food.....Well on the line the sign said "Cooked Homemade Here" - So of course being a meatball nut I tried them. Well folks the were simply out of this world - So very good, fresh seasoned and tasting delicious that I had to ban the roast beef and turkey and ate the meatballs they were that good....Try them next time you go to Mohegan Sun..
Guilio's Italian Restaurant - Park Hill Ave, Yonkers, NY - Got invited by Sal Corrente and Ron Anthony to oin them at Guilio's for dinner after the radio show. Had ravioli and WOW they were amazing. So very good! You have to try them and of course the meatballs - Love the size and taste. All the Herbs that I like with a nice garlic flavor taste....So very good!
Jackie & Rita from the Throggs Neck Section of the Bronx - Jackie & Rita stopped by the Radio station and came with a huge pan of Rigatoni & 35 Meatballs - Made so very good. Rita rolled and fried them so gentle. They had the crunch when biting into them just the way I like them. Maybe a little small to my liking but still so very good. Jackie said he uses no milk and garlic powder. I happen to like to see that little chunk of garlic. But have to say one of the best I tasted.
Bobby "B" - Bobby and Linda showed up at my Book Signing, they purchased a book and then handed me a tray of meatballs and said try them. Well I did, they were so good. So I asked Bobby about the receipt and he said "I cannot tell a lie" I brought them from Giovanni's Restaurant in the Bronx on Westchester Ave.......SO I had to go to Giovanni's and try them again myself. Again they were so very good. They promised me the receipt when I go back. So I look forward to a return trip.
"Concert Guy" - (Sorry I have to find his name) - While M/C for the Oldies Show at Stepinac. A Gentleman and his wife brought me a huge pan of meatballs along with garlic bread.....Oh so very good. They were homemade like grandma's - So very tender and delicious.....Thank You so very much for making and carrying the meatballs to the concert.
RiversEdge Restaurant - McLean Ave & Bronxdale Ave - Dominick said Dennis try today's meatballs your going to love them. So I did. and Yes he was right. Nice a  big the way I like them and so very tasty!...Tony the Chief of the Best In the County and the Bronx. "Great Gravy"
Valentino's Restaurant - Bronxdale Ave - Yonkers - Voted one of the finest restaurants in Yonkers, some friends celebrated Vicky's birthday so of course I had to try the Meatballs - Much to my delight I can see why or I should say taste why they are voted one of the finest in Yonkers. The meatballs were made fresh and made there at the restaurant.....I love the fresh herbs & spices.
Vasi Deli & Caterers - 181 Underhill Ave - West Harrison, NY - I walked into this Italian Deli in the Italian Section of Silver Lake for a bottle of water on a 87 degree hot day  (5-12-15) and observed fresh looking meatballs in the case. So of course I had to bring a few home to try - They were of the size I like - nice and big - Soon as a got home, warmed one up got my fork and bit into it.....Very good, good tasting gravy, you can tell they were homemade fresh and full of someone's momma's recipe.....Very Good!
I rate Vasi Deli's Meat-A-Balls @ 9.2%
Vito's Gourmet Deli - Crosby Ave - Bronx, NY - Stopped by Vito's and brought home a "Italian Hero #5" - Chicken Wings - Fresh Mozzerella - Imported Macaroni from Italy and some Sparest-Dry sausage with Provolone.....Of course (6) meatballs.......They were so gooooodd!. made to perfection. you have to try Vito's meatballs from the Deli.
Luca's Restaurant - 3019 Westchester Ave - Bronx, NY - Went to Luca's with some friends for pasta night. I had some Fussili with meatballs - The gravy was so-so, nothing to go crazy about to make me want to run back for. But OK - I did enjoy the two large meatballs.  Not to much garlic but fresh and tasty.
Fran - (Ms. Tonny's Friend) -  My Radio Producer Ms. Tonny said I have to try her friend Fran's Meatballs. So of course I said "Yes - Yes Yes"- So went home I bust open the bag and first observed these small little odd shape meatballs - The smallest home-made meatballs I ever seen. Well I put some gravy on them and popped them in the micro. They came out nice and steamy. The meatball was so small I just poked my fork into it and ate it like that. I took my first bite and was so happy to taste shredded chunks of garlic. I can see all the fresh herbs & spices. They were just delicious!!!!! - Two bites and it was gone - I would have to eat at least 15 to be satisfied - 3 meatballs would make up just 1!....Anyway very good! Oh Yea, Fran also makes a very good        
"Twin Gold" - Jane & Louise - The ladies of Rock n Roll stopped by the radio show and brought me 5 meatballs. I have to say they were just about perfect. If they were just a little bigger in size to my liking they would of been a perfect "10" - Their gravy was out of this world, great for dunking the bread! But the meatballs were excellent. I could make a huge meal of about 10-12 for dinner. All the great Ingredients for a great tasting meatballs.
Angie - (from Harrison Bake Shop) - Angie text me to tell me she has a surprise for me - Thought she was going to tell me she hit the big one with a scratch off lotto ticket. But instead went to the frigg and took out a tub of meatballs, sausage & pork in her gravy. So I went home and for dinner I had Angie's cooking. So to start out I had to try the gravy so I dunked my kaiser rolls and found out the aroma and taste of the gravy was so very good, delicious and real yummmy. Must say when I heated up Angie's home-cooking in my apt. it soon had the smell and aroma of the old days when my mother on a Sunday was cooking the gravy for Sunday dinner...I had to immediately try the pork. Again, tasty and so tender the meat. I haven't tasted pork in the gravy like that since my father use to make it. I stuck my fork into the sausage and watch as the juice oozed out while I took a bit to enjoy and very good tasting sausage. Then it was time for the Meatballs - I text Angie to ask her how many meats did she used. She said all (3) - Beef - Pork - Veal and she also said she adds a meatloaf mix along with all the herbs and spices, S&P, cheese. Angie says she fries them on the stove and them lets them cook in the gravy.....I enjoyed the meatballs very much and found them to be very good, very very close to how I like them.
Little Liz from New Rochelle - Called and said I have more Meatballs for you....Well she gave me (2) containers one with huge meatballs and one with regular size in some sort of lamb red sauce......I loved them both - Than You Liz - Very Good both containers.
"Saint" Theresa Medici - Finally surprised me with her Meatballs.....Made with (3) meats - Veal/Beef/Pork...They were of a nice size the way I liked them.....All the ingredients but she used powered garlic (does not allow real garlic in the house - of course we know why) - anyway she said it was a long time since she made meatballs.....As I took my first bite then the second and then I ate another meatball I tasted something a little sweet about the meatball, maybe it was the gravy which was actually pretty good.....But I did enjoy her meatballs very much and I suggest she should make more.
Patsy's Pizza - Morris Park Ave - Bronx, NY - St. Theresa took me for Pizza at the world famous Patsy's Pizza - Modeled from the original Patsy's from East Harlem. Brick oven made as you can smell the aroma of the thin sliced pizza as you walk in - Pizza very good - just like East Harlem - I felt like I was sitting next to Frank Sinatra enjoying the music and the fresh brick oven Pizza.......The Meat-A-Balls are next!
Napoli Pizza - 2136 Williams Bridge Rd - Bronx, NY - I stopped to have a slice (The Restaurant is one block in from Pelham Pkway - on the left) - As I walked in the restaurant I was amazed of the size of the room and how nice it was - Beautiful booths & tables - Very Clean - I was expecting a walk in store front Pizzeria! - Anyway I had a slice of "Supreme" Pizza - Filled with chunks of red and green peppers, onions & black olives - Nice a crusty and thin cut...Very Good! - Of course I had to try the Meatballs - MAN was I surprised - Nice and Big, you can tell they are restaurant made...Delicious...tasty with it all! - Garlic - and all the fresh herbs...I forgot to ask how many meats they use - I will next time....
LaMela Ristorante - Mulberry St - "Little Italy" - NYC - At the San Gennero Feast - In the heart of Little Italy, I ordered Rigatoni with Meatballs in a Tomato Sauce...Mmmm so good.....Frankie says they use (3) meats - Beef-Veal-Pork - Meatballs were just the size I like...Very  Tasty...Garlic..S&P...Basil..Oregano...Cheese...all the fresh herbs & spices.....
Fratelli Restaurant - Corner of Mace Ave & Eastchester Rd - Bronx, NY - Joanne the Rocker said to me "You have to try Fratelli Restaurant - So I said OK and a few of us went for dinner.....I had Veal Saltimbocca...very good, tasty and the veal was very tender....I then asked for meatballs to take home. I did try one at the restaurant. One bite and you can tell it was something very special....The size wasen't big but do-able, not to small. I can see that they weren't baked but that they were fried in the pan. When I cut into it with my fork it was soft (I do like them crunchy) and the juice, freshness was there for my liking. I didn't see chunks of garlic the way I like it but that's ok, anyway one taste and I was hooked...VERY GOOD - I then asked the owner for the recipe...The best Beef - Bread & Milk - Fried not baked and all the regular ingredients - Basil - S&P - Cheese - Parsley - Garlic....I recommend you try them......
Mario the Baker - 864 High Ridge Rd - Stamford, Conn - Great Pizza Restaurant - Pizza is really really good.....Meatballs very good - had my kind of taste...Garlic and Fresh Herbs.....Can't wait to have more!
Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. - 75 East main St - Patchogue, NY - As we all went out to LI to see "TWIN GOLD" open the concert for Brenda Lee we of course had to eat - We were treated by radio listeners Dave & Joanne.....We had some Salad - Pizza - Hero's and of course a side of Meatballs for me......To be honest and nice "NO" I will not order meatballs again from Delfiore...The Pizza @ Salad was very good.
Lushe's Parkway Restaurant & Diner - 1066 High Ridge Rd - Stamford, Conn. - A lovely Diner - very clean and comfortable - Very good service - I had some Fettuccini Alfredo so I asked for a side of Meatballs of course (I know you don't mix creamy cheese sauce with red gravy)....Not bad from a diner - tasty and fresh. Would I eat them again from there? - The answer is yes....
Mama Teresa's Italian Restaurant & Pizza - Boston Post Rd - Milford, Conn - A wonderful family restaurant since 1963.....Large dining area and very clean. Terrific service with a extensive menu. If in the area I suggest you try it......Meatballs were very good. To my liking a little more spices......But nice size and very reasonable priced as a side order.....I'm differently going back for the Pizza/Pasta & Meatballs....When asked about the recipe....Basically the same, Baked in the oven, S&P, Oregano, Parsley, little Garlic,Cheese......
Jane Fox - From the Singing Duo of "TWIN GOLD" - Jane brought me about 10 Meatballs to the radio station. Went home and indulged right away - I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into her meatballs since Jane made them but it was "Mama-Gold's" recipe.....I first looked at them and said "Yes-Yes-Yes" because they were at a nice size the way I like them "Big" - I heated them up and first taste of the Gravy I knew I was in for something special. The Gravy was delicious NO acid taste at all (Great dunking bread into it) - My first bite of the meatballs I said mmmmm because it had that nice crunchy taste that I love. I asked Jane how many meats do you used and she said only "Sirloin" - as I ate her meatball I was enjoying it very much, nice and tasty, fresh and just a very good solid tasting meatball....But I did notice it didnt have much of what I like and that is bits of garlic so the spices were just a little less. So as my mother would always say to my father "Don't cook with to much salt - people can always add more S&P" - So I sprinkled a little salt & pepper and a little Garlic powder and WHAM a great Meat-A-Ball!
Foresters Club Sons of Italy, New Rochelle, NY (Best of the West Meatball Contest) - Congratulations to Yonkers resident Elizabeth Chesney for winning 1st Prize in the Contest.......I asked her about the recipe and she stated it is her mom's secret! - She did reveal to me that she uses (3) meats: Veal-Pork-Beef....
I am also to happy to announce that meatball #5 got the highest rating when I was judging and tasting the all the meatballs of the contest....Of course I didn't know who's meatball was cooked by any of the contestants.....Thank You to the Foresters Club for Inviting me to be a Judge.

Enzo's Restaurant - 451 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck, NY - Got invited by Mr. Luciano Savone to enjoy some "Aldente" cavatelli with of course meatballs. The gravy was nice and red and sooooo delicious! Bread dunking gravy! - Enjoyed 2 meatballs and then took home 2 more.....Mr. Savone told me his recipe. (3) Meats - Veal - Beef & Pork with of course S&P - cheese - and all the Italian Herbs......Out of this World!
Lenny's Bagel's & Deli - 172 S. Ridge St, Rye Brook, NY - Stopped at Lenny's after the doctor's visit. I had a couple of Lenny's meatballs with a bagel on the side.....Always enjoyed Lenny's food for the last 30 years.
Modern Restaurant & Lounge - 310 Huguenot St., New Rochelle, NY - What a nice addition to downtown New Ro - Beautiful inside the restaurant. Great decor! - Pizza is fantastic - Pasta very good....The meatballs....Very tasty, enjoyed them very much. Tasted just as good from when I use to eat them at the old restaurant down on PSA - "Modern Pizzeria Restaurant".
Main St. Pizza & Restaurant - Tarrytown, NY - Went to the concert at the Tarrytown Music Hall to see "Alfio" - stopped for a little snack prior to going into the venue.....I had chicken wings (very good)   I had the Meatball's - I was pleasantly surprised!...Very Good - Tasty, nice Italian herbs....Very Good.
Carol Mazzella - New Rochelle, NY - During my Rock n Roll Radio Music Show on Sunday, Carol came a knock in with fresh Meatballs, beef on the bone and Rigatoni......OMG I was in heaven. I shared them with my radio staff and I got to tell you it was out of this world....The gravy was so Deeeeelicous, just so perfect with it's taste and aroma.....The Rigatoni was also just perfect "ALDENTE" cooked!!!!...Now for the Meatballs. Just scrumptious! - If they were just a little bigger to my liking they would be a perfect "10".....But taste wise just the way I liked them with all the fresh herbs & ingredients and of course fresh garlic......'THANK YOU CAROL & RALPH" for taking the time to deliver them to the radio station.
Mamma Felicia Trattoria & Pizza - Jericho Turnpike, Jericho, NY - A very nice casual restaurant. Very good food. The Pizza & the homemade Fettuccini was delicious......Of course I tasted the Meatballs. Like most restaurants made just with beef and all the usual ingredients.
Brothers Pizza - Horace Harding Expy - Fresh Meadows, Queens - Brothers Pizza has been there since 1970 and it has all the looks that it has been there for many years. But just like "Tommy's" over on Tremont Ave in the Bronx they usually have the best pizza....SO yes, Brothers Pizza was very very good. Can't wait to get back there and have the whole pie! - I'm looking forward to trying their pasta because the gravy is very good also.....And of course "JOE" the owner said time to try my Meat-A-Balls!....I had two on a plate and also in a Hero form...lol.....Very Good! - Tasty, you can see the basil, garlic and freshness.
Filomena's Pizza & Pasta - City Island Ave, City Island, Bronx, NY - (Directly across the street from "Lickety Split" Ice Cream Shack - Pizza very good and of course I had to try the Meatballs - I asked the owner how many meats and he replied "only the best of chop beef." I asked if he fries them or bakes them and he replied "I like to fry them but if I cater I bake them".....I really liked the meatballs, nice and fresh and juicy.....I plan to go back
Louie's Italian Restaurant - 136 River Rd - Cos Cob, Conn. - A friend of mine said Dennis I have to take you to Louie's Rest. in Cos Cob. The food is like Mama's!!! - So OK we go, I had a dish of Rigatoni that comes with a meatball, sausage and a pork rib. Well, man was it delicious. The gravy was one of the best ever tasted in a restaurant. The Pork rib and the sausage was tender and so Goooooood!...The kind of gravy that you keep scooping up with bread!...Now the Meatball...mmmmm Big in Size. Made with (3) meats - Beef - Pork & Veal. Plenty of garlic, cheese and fresh Italian herbs......One of the Best I ever had. I can't wait to go back.

Angelino's Italian Restaurant - 1 Jericho Turnpike, Jericho, NY - On a Concert Trip to the Westbury we decided to have some dinner before the concert. While driving around we observed Angelino's Restaurant. A very nice restaurant inside and it seemed like a busy community restaurant. Well we all enjoyed our dinner's but of course I had to try a side order of Meatballs. I got to tell you I was so very disappointed. Just horrible to say the least. No size, no taste. In fact I didn't even eat them all....So if you go, enjoy the dinners but don't eat the meatballs.
Joe's Pizza & Restaurant - 260 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck, NY - I went to see a band that was playing
on Mamaroneck Ave, So I decided to go to Sal's for some pizza. Well Sal's was busy so I walked up to Joe's Pizza and then I decided to indulge with a Meatball Hero. Well I'm glad I did (I plan to go back) - because I was pleasantly surprised how good they tasted. They seem to be homemade and again with a flavor that surprised me!
Angelo's Quality Restaurant - Corner of Burhe Ave & Crosby Ave - Bronx, NY - St. Theresa & The Rocker Joanne decided to have something to eat at the Quality Restaurant. I really enjoyed myself! Being a kid from Westchester I was kinda excited about eating dinner right by the EL-Train and watching people walking down the steel stairs as the trains pulled in one after another during rush hour. I felt like I was 
part of those Black & White 1940's movie that I watch on Chann. 79.....I had broiled Scrod fish and I really enjoyed it. Very Good!....Very Fresh and tasty!.....I then ordered a side of meatballs, at first glance I can see they were not made at the restaurant. Every meatball was rolled the exact same size. I asked the server if they were made there and she stated no that they come from the supplier were they get their pasta and people really like them.....Well, to be honest for warehouse meatballs they weren't to bad. Not sure if I would order them again there. But definitely the Fish!.....
Palma from Morris Ave - Bronx - Palma and her daughter Gina brought me Meatballs. My first look at them I can see they were going to be very good! - With the meatballs were Ziti Macaroni (No Lines-just the way I like it) - I'm not a big fan of Penne Macaroni (with lines).....The meatballs were a nice size and when I bit into them mmmmmmm Good - I can tell (3) Meats - Veal-Beef-Pork with lots of fresh grated cheese, garlic chunks, S&P, milk flavored soaked bread crumbs....mmmmmm Good.
San Martino Restaurant - 12 Young Ave - Yonkers - GO-Vinnie and I received a call from Al the owner of the restaurant - We had lunch - Very nice atmosphere - Pretty young lady as the server (Al's Daughter) - So of course I had the Meatballs - The are made with just beef and all the traditional Italian ingredients....
Nice size and very nice taste. A little soft for my liking but still not bad.
Pellicci's Ristorante - (Founded in 1947 by Frank & Frances Pellicci) - 96 Stillwater Ave - Stamford, Conn. - On Valentine weekend I was invited by a couple of friends out for dinner....I was introduced to Pellicci's for the first time. Got to say nothing like a family run business of Italians. It reminded me of the old Viccaro's Rest. from West New Rochelle. The mother, the father, the sons the whole family working....The food was just delightful and so homemade that I wanted more!..I can't wait to go back! The gravy was one of the finest I ever tasted!...Service was the Best! - The Meat-A-Balls.....I think I have a new #1. Made only from Beef but what a scrumptious taste. Made to perfection!..Just like I like my Meatballs.....
Sophia's Italian Restaurant & Pizza - Harrison Ave (Near the Fire House) - Long time Restaurant & known for their Pizza has been in Harrison, NY for many years and people from all over come for their gravy & Pizza that I happen to feel is one of the Best!.....now for the Meatballs.....Homemade in the kitchen, they are made with all fresh ground beef, you can see little chunks of garlic but the meatballs are a little bland for my tasting but still a good tasting meatball in it's own right!.
I rate Sophia's Meat-A-Balls a 8.9.5%
Frank Lore from the New Rochelle Foresters Society - Frankie stopped by the radio show and dropped off 8 meatballs covered with red gravy (who he honestly said it was not his gravy - but I have to say very tasty)....Frank did not tell me the recipe but I do admit I really enjoyed his home cooking meatballs that I shared with the radio staff. So I look forward to another batch (for my self this time lol)....made with nice fresh chunks of garlic and fresh seasoning.
Diane (My Sister) - My wonderful sister came by the radio show and gave me a big dish of Meatballs & Sausage.....As always my Sister's meatballs are always so very tasty!
Linda Bafaro - West Harrison - Linda brought me a dish of meatballs and as always has that wonderful taste from the Bronx.....