Dennis Dion Nardone
Host of the T.V. Show
"This Is Rock n Roll"
Every Sunday @ 8pm
BronxNet Community Television

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Producer - Vic Sabatini
Director - Tyrone Berkel - 
Set Producer - Al Belfiore
A show that profiles the talented entertainers/stars
that made all happen in the Music Industry.
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Guest on the TV Shows
Tommy "Pipes" McDonnell (Vocalist)
"Original Blues Brother's Recording Artist"
Al Belfiore (Drummer) "Just Nuts Band"
Jimmy Fracasa (Guitarist) - "w/Earls/Dion/Regents"
Barbara Harris (The Toys) "How Gentle is the Rain"
Pepe Cardona (Alive & Kicken) "TIghter & Tighter"
Larry Chance - Bobby "T" - Bobby Coleman (Earls)
"I Believe" - "Remember Then"
Ron Anthony - Bobby Falcone (Regents) "Barbara Ann"
Charlie Powers (Drummer "Dion/Dupree's"
Sal Corrente (Doo-Wop Singer)
Judy Craig Mann (Chiffons) "One Fine Day"
Lenny Dell (Dimensions) "Over the Rainbow"
John Kuse (Excellents) "Coney Island Baby"
Renee White (Chantels) "Maybe"
Dennis Dion Nardone (Birthday Summer Concert)
Jimmy Russo (Singer - Dupree's/Chimes/Salutations)
The Bronx Wanderers
The Dupree's "You Belong To Me"
The Dub's "Could This Be Magic"
Ray Tabano (Aerosmith Band Founder)
Anniverssary Show (Mix of all the Shows)
Cadillac Chris Ruggiero (Singer/Performer)
Dr. Gabe Dassa (Classic Sounds acapella group)
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If you live in the Bronx click onto
channel 68 if you have optimum - 
If you have Fios turn to channel 34
NOW if you live outside the Bronx
Go to the Internet:     Type in
Click "Watch Live"
Click the Box that has Channels 68 & 34
Then click the arrow