Elaine Chao

                                 The Honorable Elaine Lan Chao     
During President Bush years as President he had chosen Elaine Chao to be the 24th U.S. "Secretary of Labor" in his administration. A position she held from 2001 to 2009. She was the first woman Asian-American to be selected to that post and the first Taiwanese-American in the United States History to be appointed to a U.S. President's Cabinet!
I am personally over-whelmed and excited that she has been appointed by President-Elect Trump to be the "Secretary of Transportation" for his administration.
Now why my admiration for Secretary Chao.
It all started back when she was with President Bush. You see Secretary Chao had ties to Harrison, NY - Although Secretary Chao went to school in Long Island when she arrived here to the United States some where along the way her parents ended up living in Harrison, NY. Her parents lived on North St. in a white house just above (north) of Union Ave the 3rd or 4th house on the right. How did I find that out? Sorry cannot release my contact. But never the less I always said how can I ever get to meet the "Secretary of Labor"? - I said to myself how cool would it be to have as a guest on my WVOX "Harrison Live" Radio Talk Show a member from the highest administration in the world, a member of the President of the United States Cabinet.
I was told by my contact from time to time she comes from Washington and her home from Kentucky to visit her parents on North St. He said keep an eye out and you may just get lucky to see and hopefully meet her.
Well low & be hold it did!!!!
One bright, sunny, gorgeous lovely quite Easter afternoon about 2pm I was going to my sister's house for a wonderful family Easter dinner. I left my apartment to find that I needed gasoline. So right up the block is my good friend Bob's gas station so I pulled in and started to gas up the car, again on this quite bright sunny day with no one around.
As I was pumping gas "IT HAPPENED" - MY DREAM TO MEET THE "SECRETARY OF LABOR"- Pulling up into the gas station comes the brightest and shiniest black Mercedes I ever seen!
Out comes Secretary of Labor Chao as she exited her vehicle! - I noticed she was driving alone so I did not approch her and kept my distance and stayed by my car so not to alarm her of any sort. This was my big chance and I had to take advantage of meeting her so I was cautious and well mannered in my approach. So with a big friendly smile I immediatly said "Hello your Honor" - "How are you today Secretary Chao"? - She first looked at me in amazement and to be honest with a little bit of doubt on how come she was reconized on the quite day in this quite little Town of Harrison? - I introduced myself from a distance by my car and I said "My name is Dennis Nardone - I live right over there in Newport Towers and I Host a local radio show on WVOX for Mr. O'Shaughnessy you might know who he is?"- My show is called "Harrison Live" - It's a talk show about local politics and community events." - She said "So you know who I am" and I replied "yes of course and I do know your parents live in town." - I then replied and said "Congratulations you should be very proud to be Secretary of Labor" - She then pulled out the gas handled and I said "Oh please let me pump your gas" she said "That's very kind of you (but jokingly) stating "I'm use to this" as she smiled - Again I did not approch her and I kept my distance....I have to tell you when she exited the car I was just in awe of this lovely beautiful woman. When she spoke to me it was so intriguing. She was so elegant and refined, so graceful and so professional. Her mannerism was exquisite as she spoke to me and asked me how is the talk show going as we talked about radio as she also said she knew who Mr. O'Shaughnessy was and asked how was he doing.
As she concluded her pumping of gas in her car I had to get over my nervousness and ask her to be on the radio show. I said "Madam Secretary I would be so honored to have you as a guest on my radio show?" - Again with such class she said she would be honored as she gave me her card and said call my office in Washington for all arraignments. I then said great, thank you I will as I also said - If possible I would love to have you live in the radio studio on maybe one of your other trips back to New York. She replied that she would do her best for me to come on the show "live" but she was not sure when she would be coming back to Harrison. She then said be sure and contact the Washington Office for coming on the show as she said "Have a nice day and Happy Easter and drove off in the shiniest black car I ever seen.
So what happen? Did she come on the Show?
She sure did. When I called her office her staff was very professional and courtious. They spoke with me as if they knew me personally. They said they were awhere I would be calling to arrarign Secretary Chao to be a guest on the radio show. They stated there is no plans soon for a trip to New York but she would be happy to do a call-in as a guest on the show. So I said to myself take what you can get for now and we will see what's hold in the future.
Again my dream came through
From the cabinet of the President of the United States a guest on my radio show. "The Secretary of Labor" from the administration of President of the United States.
Secretary Chao spoke with ease and eleqanince as we had an open dialogue about her position and the purpose of a "Department of Labor."
In conclusion Secretary Chao would not be coming back to Harrison. For reason for me not to say the family sold the house and Elaine Chao remained in Washington and Kentucky.
My experience as a radio talk show host gain some extra knowledge about speaking with top of the line political managers.
Thank You Secretary Elaine Chao for the interview. Good luck as Secretary of Transportation with President-Elect Trump's administration.
I look forward to another interview with your new position.
God Bless and God Bless the USA!