This page is dedicated to all those that supported the
Music of "Club Dennis on the Radio"
as well as all those that attended
"Club Dennis" Dance Party's
(The focus of these Narrative's is to in some way say
"Thank You" and of course keep some great
moments and memories of these people that we all
met along the way close to our hearts)

(If you know of any names I missed please let me know..... 
~ In Memory Forever ~
Marion Adinolfi - Linda Bafaro - Lena Lagana - Tony "Port Chester" Giorgi
Jean "Red Head" Dilicata - 
Pete "Fancy Feet" Buzzolani
Betty "Dancin Betty" Salatare - Giacomo "Jackie" Ferrara  
Rosemary Dimasi - Louis Durante - Anna Pekary -
Rich Bieniewicz - Arthur "Artie" Castiglia - Stanley Lokez
Jack from Scarsdale - Ron Galdieri - Adeline "Lilli" Durante - Tom Cesta
Bob Robinson - Mama Gold - Steve Jason

Marion Adinolfi
A lovely woman, a very bright woman, a great friend and supporter for many years. Was with me 
from the begining as an advisor and friend companion along with her husband Vinny. Appeared on my talk radio show years before Club Dennis started - Entered me in the "Who's Who of America" - Told the great "Chicken Voice" story on the radio as she taped my voice sent it to Chicago for study under scientest only to find out when chicken's heard my voice they would lay eggs!.....Love Mrs. Adinolfi and of course her husband Vinny as they will always be treasured in mine and many hearts. Vinny who recorded parity songs for my radio show "Only Dennis" - "The Wonder of Dennis." is a man of dignity and a fine gentleman as me pray for him everyday!.....Myself and many of you miss Marion - Thank You Marion for the great family you left us, your kids, grand kids etc......God Bless you in Heaven!
Linda Bafaro
I called her "Mother Butler" in referance to her High School she graduated from in the Bronx on Pelham Parkway. For years she took care of her aunt and mother till they both passed on. She loved her music of the 60's especialy "The Buckinghams" - "Chicago" - Motown & the Beatles....She loved the malls and shopping. She was kind and gentle but also can let you know what's wrong & right...She loved her faith in God and loved Father Chris of St. Anthony of Padua's Church. I thank her for introducing me to Father Chris and was instrumental in getting Father Chris to be a guest on my radio show which in turn Father Chris ended up with his own hosting of a radio program....She loved her relaxing time and reading her magizines. She always got a kick of saying to Mike Bello...."OK Mikee" - We will always remember that word "Widdle"
God Bless you in heaven "Mother Butler"
Lena Lagana
"Leennaaa" - I can still hear singer/performer Mac DiSimone while performing say on the microphone her name! - Lena was the Queen - the leader if you will of the ladies (and the men too!). Why? not sure - (I don't say that in a negative way, only positive) - I guess her persona of her take charge qualities she had gave her that leadership and of course her make up personality of friendship, love for eveyone, her go-go power and always willing to enjoy people and life! - We all just looked up to Lena - simple as that!..Lena LOVED her family and of course all her friends - Lena and I had a personal friendship going back to her waitress days at the diner - we laughed together and we danced together. We would dance to the song "Unforgettable" - When she danced fast Lena had a style of her own (just ask her dear friends little Micki & Rose)....I will never forget her 80th Birthday Party at the Casino. It was amazing as she introduced me to all of her family in a proud sense that made me feel proud to know and love her for so many years.....Lena was just a wonderful person - enjoyable to be with - always a lovely smile - always a hug and always what and where are we going next!  -There's a void in all of our lives now that she left so early BUT we can say we are all so honored and greatful we had Lena in our life and I can honestly say she will always be in our life and always will be around us in whatever we do in life. LENA would want it to be no other way! I'm sure she would say "Don't cry over me - you know - just have fun!")....
God Bless you in Heaven - "Always Unforgettable" - We all love & miss you dearly!
Tony Giorgi (Tony Port Chester)
Tony (Port Chester), what a guy! - A character he was, I don't say that in a negative manner at all. Tony could tell some of the best jokes. Keep you going for hours.....Tony was a lover of the Doo-Wop Music. He disliked the Beatles, blamed them for taking away his music in the early 60's. A original member of the acapella singing group "Magic Touch" and then later sang with the original "Streets of the Bronx" -  a group of performers headed by Butch Barbella....Tony sang "Unforgettable" and "Pennies from Heaven" with "Magic Touch" and to this day when I see a penny on the ground - I know it was sent from Tony saying Hello!....He loved to go play cards up at Mohegan Sun every Tuesday....The best is Tony would say "I get up in the Morning, I then look out the window see no work so I go back to bed for a while."...Tony certainly was a gentleman and a real good guy. Loved his cigarettes and booze and enjoyed life to the fullest. Everyone loved Tony, a real conversationist and could talk and speak about a huge range of subjects. Never argued his opinon and always valued yours. He just liked conversation and to be around people. He would love to sit outside the Cafe Expresso in Tuckahoe to the wee-hours of the morning just smoking, talking and laughing....
Like I said "What A Guy"! ....God Bless you in Heaven

Jean Dilicata (Red Head Jean)
Jean known to all of us as "Red Head Jean" was a remarkable woman, a lovely woman and one of the nicest ladies you ever would want to meet - she had a little laugh that she would share all the time with us. She was crazy about Tony PortChester's jokes especially the "Ketchup Bottle" joke! - She would look at me and and make like she was hitting the bottom of a ketchip bottle and just laugh.....Jean always looked so very nice, always the top of the line clothing that made all of us admire her more along with her friendly smile and friendship to all of us.....She was very much of a supporter to me for whatever I did in the music field - be it Radio of DJ and I will always remember her as she was one of the original's going back to the Tuckahoe Cafe Days......Her favorite song to dance to was Engelbert's "After The Lovin" - their wasen't a night that went by she didn't dance to it.....At the Halloween party's we can all still remember her Indian outfit!.....Jean hurt her back and she was not around for a while - but she continued to listen to the radio show and continued to speak to all of us until she was back on her feet. She could not wait to get back on the dance floor and socialize and hang with everyone....As I said a remarakble woman missed by all those that knew her and certainly left a void in all of our lives but we can all say we are blessed to have had "Red Head Jean' in our live for a few years - singing - dancing - laughing and enjoying her great personality!
God Bless you in Heaven - Love you "Red head"!!!!!

Pete Buzzolani- (Known as Fancy Feet Pete - Lotetta's Friend)
I love"Fancy Feet" Pete - he was tremendous - The guy was a real joy, always smiling and friendly...He was the only guy I knew that can look de-shoveled but still look good in his dress and mannerism and you had to know Pete to understand what I'm talking about. Just a great guy in all aspects of his personality....Now why "Fancy Feet" - I gave him that nickname because #1 he wore some nice shiney shoes all the time. #2 When it came to dancing, well the hands and body moved a little but his feet had no steps and they kinda remained in the same spot as he danced!....He loved to dance to the song' "Gloria" the disco version, but of course "Fancy Feet" wasen't giving you disco style dancing just his usual dance style. But that was Pete who by the way loved to dance he would stay on the dance floor all night and if their was a ball game on the TV he can dance sing and watch the game at the same time - "Fancy Feet" Style lol - A gem of a man, I do miss him..Big wide smile and I can still hear him saying Hello to me.....But I will tell you this story that I never told anyone....When Pete passed I went to the wake after my radio show - it was in between hours of viewing and no one was there. So I went in anyway to pay my respects. It was only me & Pete as I spoke to Pete to say Rest In Peace I felt Pete return the the moment and say to me "Thank You Dennis for all the good times at Totonno's keep playing the music for people to dance too!".....Pete was a special guy and again I say thank you for having met Pete in my life for a while...Love the guy!
God Bless you in Heaven Pete! RIP

Betty  Salutare (Danicn Betty)
"Dancin Betty" - What a remarkable woman - always full of energy, strong, healthy, full of life ready to go, dance and have a great time. And that she did wherever she went and whomever she was with. I had the honor to DJ her 75th Birthday. All of her family and friends attended and it was a night of all nights. But again when ever Betty was out either at Totonno's or the Casino just dancing up a storm was always a night of all nights....I remember at Totonno's her famous dance to Shakari and she would put on her dangling looking bling waist band and Betty would come out dance and perform for everyone to the song "Shakari Shakari" - She did the same to Sinatra's "New York New York" just like the girls at Radio City stage kicking up her legs and everyone trying to keep up with her.....Betty loved her family and surly loved all her friends and all her family and friends loved her as well. We all miss Betty seeing her dance, kicking up her legs and heels and conversing with everyone. Very delightful woman who didn't want anything to bother her and would always calm Rosie down and say "forget it don't let it bother you".....All of us are fortunate to experience the laughter, the energy, the fun, all the excitment and joy to know Betty. To have her in our lives either watching her dance or dancing along side her or on my part playing the music to her dance steps. We love Betty - we know your Rockin, Dancin up in Heaven with Lena....
God Bless you Betty - Don't stop Dancin

Giacomo "Jackie" Ferrara (Throggs Neck Jackie)
Jackie from Throggs Neck or Jackie from Zero Taxi was his "call in name." I first knew of Jackie when he first started to call into the Sunday Radio Show a few years back. I never really knew Jackie accept like I said when he started to call in song requests. I first met Jackie at Mount Saint Michael High School for the "Bronx Wanderers" fund raiser concert for the school. He introduced himself as Jackie from Throggs Neck and I of course thanked him for listening to the radio show and for calling in song requests. He said to me he loved the show and never misses a show on Sunday. He continued to say "Yes we get ready at the house. Turn on the radio show, stirring the gravy and getting ready to cook the meatballs and sausage." "After the show we eat!." -  "Best Music Show on the Radio" - I asked him how did he find out about the show and he said a friend told him about the show and he has been listening ever since. "I tell everyone about the show and now all of Throggs Neck knows about it".....I met Jackie (along with Rita) at Mt. Saint Michael because he went to see his Bronx pal and school mate Vinnie of the Bronx Wanderers. Jackie loved Vinnie! He was so proud of Vinnie and the Band and what it meant to the Bronx and the music. He couldn't say enough how much he loved the guy and proceded to tell me some school chum stories. He would then call into the radio show and request BW Songs and would always dedicate to his "Significant Other" lovely Rita that he adored and loved more then anything! - Of course the feeling was mutual as RIta stood by his side loving him, taking care of him and making him be someone very special and Jackie was very special. The little time I knew Jackie I seen he was a special guy - very caring and loving to his family & friends....One day Rita and Jackie called the radio show and said we are bringing Rigatoni and Meatballs for Dennis and the staff. They did some 35 meatballs and some 3 pounds of rigatoni...He said here enjoy and we all did at the station. SO very good the gravy - the pasta and the meatballs.....I then asked Jackie to come on the microphone so I can Thank Him on the air. lol Of course we had to be careful because the fun loving guy Jackie was also fun loving the way he spoke! He did not hide and words that fit the description of the topic. lol But that was Jackie and I'm sure he was loved for his style of living.....Well I can go on and on and talk about a guy I didn't know that well but well enough to speak about the kind of guy he was to the Bronx, to Rita, to his family, his friends, to Vinnie and the Bronx Wanderers and to me and the radio show that he loved listening too!....We miss all of you Jackie. May you live forever in our lives while in Heaven.....
God Bless and keep stirring the Gravy & making the Meatballs.....

Rosemary DiMasi (from Totonno's & Cafe)      
Rosemary - Got to tell you what a tough lady - Elderley she was (no disrespect) - very thin in stature...Love to smoke - energy of a 25 year old and always coming to "Club Dennis" from the very begining with Pat, Connie & friends back in the Tuckahoe Cafe days....My wildesest memory of Rosemary - At totonnos playing music, apparently Rosemary falls taken away to the hospital bleeding hitting her head. An hour and a half later here she comes all bandage up back on the dance floor. Tough Lady like I said!...Rosemary was charming, love the music and hanging out with her friends at "Club Dennis" - In the winter she would wear this huge full lenth fox type coat. She always dressed nice and always had a smile and saying hello to everyone. She was just an amazing woman. Back n Forth she would go from her seat to the outside to smoke then a dance here and there and always with a laugh or to. Pat, Roger, Connie loved her like another one of the family as she felt some much part of the family never missing an event be it Christmas - Halloween or whatever..... A lovely lady that we all enjoyed with her humor and friendship..
RIP IN Heaven RO!!!

Louis Durante
Lou the husband of Lilly, the father of Rosemarie and Gina.....a wonderful person from the little I knew of Mr. Durante. He came to "Club Dennis" for most of the special events like Christmas or my Birthday etc....Always polite, quite, appeared to be kind and of course a gentleman...I believe he served our country and he is a veteran of the military of the USA.....But I can say this he must of been a very fine man because to me it always appeared that he was a terrific husband, father and family man and from what I remember very much involved with the community of the Bronx. I can also tell their is much love of the Durante family and I'm sure it all started with Louis. A hard working man who raised a wonderful loving family...."Hey the results show" - If you know Lilly - Ro & Gina you know what I'm speaking about!"....So again as I said it all started with Lou....
May you RIP in Heaven Mr. Durante...Thank you for coming the "Club Dennis" and it was an honor and pleasure for getting to know you a little and Thank You for the GREAT Durante family ~
God Bless you Lou!
Anna Pekary
Now you may ask who is Anna Pekary?...She was this lovely woman who would make her way into "Club Dennis" with her walker with her daughter Barbara Wyberanec Viccaro who is the newly married wife to my long time child friend from the "West End" of New Rochelle, Mauro Viccaro. Anna is also the life long friend of "MAMM GOLD"....Mrs Pekary from what I understood loved getting out and going with her 2 daughters to listen, hear, watch the dancing and action of "Club Dennis" - she just loved coming to the "Club Dennis" and especially when "Mama Gold" was there to sit with her. She marveled when "Go Vinnie" danced and she loved watching "Mama Gold" do her thing on the dance floor and if I remember - I remember seeing Anna on the dance floor a few times with her walker with Barbara right next to her as she watched mom on the dance floor dancing!...Anna would always kiss me and say hello and would always make sure she said good night with a kiss....I have to say she must of been a beautiful young lady in her day because even in her last few years she always looked so nice and still was as pretty as they come. As they say the apple (or in theis case "peaches") does not fall far from the tree as witnessed by the pretty daughters she has.....I thank Barbara so very much for the loving caring daughter she is for taking the time and effort to escort her mom to "Club Dennis" for her last few years to have some enjoyment in life with Music - Friends - Dancing - having a nice dinner out and of course for sharing such a lovely woman with all of us at "Club Dennis".......
God Bless Anna in Heaven...RIP we will always remember your lovely smile!
Rich Bieniewicz
Rich, one of the nicest guys you ever wanted to meet. The kind of guy you want for a friend. He listens, he advises, and he knows!...Just a real good guy!....His personality and demeanor was so smooth and honest...The husband of Sue, a "Angel" to the man Rich. I know he said those very words on my radio show. Love was always in his eyes, his soul and heart for Sue! - He adored her like no other man would adore their wife! - By her side always and Sue so true and dedicated to Rich during his days of getting sick as SHE stood by his side and cared for him like Rich said "An Angel to him!"......Rich was surly a lover of the oldies, disco was not his thing to listen too!.....When I played a slow song Rich would hold Sue so close to his heart with so much love in his eyes! and talking about eyes "Thank You Rich" for the copy CD by DION "I Got My Eyes On You Baby" - We both loved the song and to this day when I play it I think of Rich.......Rich a Big Fan of "The Bronx Wanderer's" he loved Vinnie, the kids and of course Vinnie Sr. & Marion the parents and grandparents. Rich and Sue spent many of days, afternoons and evenings dining with Vinnie Sr and Marion....He was always mesmerized by Vinnie's wife Carol always getting a good laugh from her with her bubbly personality!.....Rich retired from working so many years and Dear Lord you called him to heaven way to early! Why? - Maybe you wanted that great guy by your side. He is missed and loved and never will be forgotten.....RIP my good friend......We will keep our "EYES" on Sue and make sure she is OK....All her friends love her so and keep her going but of course never forgetting you!
Arthur "Artie" Castiglia 
Artie was a New York Police Officer at the time of his untimely passing. Artie was still on the job as he was getting to retire after 40 plus years serving and protecting the citizens of New York. Artie obtain the rank of 1st grade Detective and I can tell you he just loved being a Police Officer that is why he just didnt want to retire. He cherished the thought of protecting! - Artie also has 2 sons as Police Officers in Westchester and one son a retired Navy Seal so you see the family has it in there blood to protect.....A few years back we recieved a phone call request for a song on the radio show to be dedicated to all those that serve on the NYPD. It then became a weekly song request from Artie (although we didnt know who Artie was at the time) - The bunnie (Ms. Sharon) who took the song request became friends at first with Artie so we soon found out who Artie was and how he found out about the show and of course a lover of the music. On my account it was a true honor to have Artie to call in each week and dedicate songs to the NYPD....As time went on Artie then appeared at some "Club Dennis" events when not working. We found Artie to be a gentleman and a true professional as a Police Officer. A very gracious man, a very giving man and always saying if you ever need me do not hesitate to contact me as he gave us his 24 hour personal number and police info.....As I said a very giving man, holidays & birthdays there was Artie never forgetting myself and the bunnie....But "Giving" of himself made him the remarakable person he was....A giant of a personality and a man of all seasons - "Call if in Need".....Artie a real pleasure to know and a meet you. Thank You so much for your friendship....miss you and may you RIP in Heaven.
Stanley Lokez - (Theresa Medici's Friend)
Stan was coming to The Cafe Expresso in Tuckahoe before "Club Dennis" was the official name. At the Cafe it was known as the "Dennis Nardone Rock n Roll Show). Stan came to the Cafe recomended by his friend Theresa. Stan was a retired IBM Executive - a handsome guy who always seem to have a good time. If he wasen't dancing he can see him laughing with his smile and funny sense of humor. Although he didnt know anyone except Theresa he would always socialize and mingle in with everyone with ease. He loved his music and he knew his music. He also was a musician by playing the piano and the accordian...You were one of those kids that got cheated when you were young because you were born on Christmas Day. They always said Christmas babies got cheated when it came to presents. But knowing you I'm sure it didnt bother you if that quote was true because you were a certainly a giving guy as oppose to a receiving guy....
It was an honor to know you for a few years as you left this earth for heaven a little early but i'm sure the Angels above are enjoying your laughter and accordian playing...God Bless you Stan! 
Jack from Scarsdale
Jack was an elderly man who loved listening to the Sunday Doo-Wop Radio Show. He would call each and every week with a song or singing group that I never heard of. He would request a song by that group and of course it would be very new and the first time I would of heard the song. So it always was a joy and exciting experience to see what he would come up with.
Jack lived in Yonkers and didnt drive to far. He would come see me at Luciano's or when I played next door to Luciano's in the other Italian restaurant. He would even stopped by to say hello to me if he heard me say on the radio that I would be going to Luciano's to see another performer.
Always a gentleman with a joke and laughter to talk about the music of the 50's.....Then as time went on I didnt' hear anymore from only to fine out he had passed.
Thank You Jack - You were a joy and a fun guy to the Radio Show - maybe you enjoyed the Music in heave - God. Bless...
Ron Galdieri
Ron - What a guy! - He certainly was an original - The good Lord broke the mold when he had Ron born - Of course I do not mean that in a mean way. Because Ron was very unique in his own way. A great guy by all standards. The kind of guy who would take his shirt off his back to help you. He had his own thinking: his own style...Ron had six important things in his life. He was a lover of the Church & Faith - Politics - Sports - Music - Friends and his Wife - all he ever wanted to do is take care of his lovely wife of nearly 40 years Vicki. He loved Ms. Vicki with as much love one can give someone! - He just adored every aspect and inch of her. You can see it in his eyes when he danced with her. You can see it in his eyes when he walked in a room with her. A perfect gentleman, husband and a lover to Ms. Vicki. you just don't see much of that love and companionship to often but that was Ron with Ms. Vicki....Yes he loved to eat a good meal - not exactly a nutritious meal. Give him a good duck or some strange meat or spaghetti and meatballs in the diner at 12 midnight and he was happy as could be as long as he had 5 pink lemonades to wash it down with and a few M&M's. Throw in some left over potato chips that Vicki might have had left over in her pocket book and you think he was eating caviar!...Ron was a student of sports. He would love to tease Beepo about Willie Mays and his SF Giants. Beepo gave him the knickname "Ronnie Rod"! - I can contest to that!...Ron would argue or talk sports till you were blue in the face. He can tell you who was at bat in 1947 world series or who threw a touchdown in the 1951 football championship game...His music taste was as I should say a taste of his own. Doo-Wop, Donnie & Marie, 4-Seasons, Beach Boys and of course the Bronx Wanderers were his favorite not to mention a few quirky songs I never heard of but that was Ron...A true Republican all the way when it came to politics and there he was always helping out his buddies Justin & Barbara. His best friend Ralph drove him crazy with his liner "N-I" but Ron would throw up his hands and say "Why Not"? - But always be careful because you know "He has guns"...Oh yes Ron love the water, not much of a beach guy but a pool lover. He would swim laps back and forth, back and forth until of course he got hungry for some popcorn or pretzels...Yes, for whatever reason the good Lord took him from this earth way to early as far as age goes. - We all hope he is in a good place and we all are sure he is in heaven with the best of the sports and music people always lookng down at Ms. Vicki with that certain smile, charm and "Love Eyes" for his "Surfer Girl"...Ron we all love you and miss you - As they Say! Gone but Not Forgotten - Always in our Hearts...Keep voting GOP, Keep eating a good duck, Keep listening to Music and watching the Yankees, football Lions & Cardinals...We know you will always keep your deep love for Ms. Vicki...Don't worry little Micki will take good care of her and I will make sure she is safe in Las Vages - Liz, Jake, Joanne, St Theresa, Eileen, Nancy and so many of your life time friends will always treasure your friendship I'm sure....God Bless You Pal - Yes original & Unique...RIP...
Adeline "Lilli" Durante
There's so much to be said about Lilli - The mother of Rosemarie and Gina and a friend to us all! - Small in stature but big with a lovely Heart, Smile and Love for family and friends. Everyone had something to say nice about Lilli - She is cute, she is a doll, she is so lovely, she is precious but without hesitation she was certenly an "Angel"...A God sent person to make us all feel "Love & Friendship"....I wrote and spoke about Lilli on the radio. I spoke about how she loved coming to "Club Dennis' and going to see "Just Nuts" and other entertainers who performed the music of Sinatra, Tom Jones and Elvis. She would sit there for hours eating a little, drinking a little but taking in all the entertainment for hours just smiling away as she would watch Ro, Gina, Ralph dance the night away!...Never complained of the music to loud, or to crowded or to hot or to cold. Just an amazing woman who treasured every minute of her dear life and again with Family, Friends and people she didnt know that well... A darling of a elegant woman. A Beautiful lady that lit up the room as I once said "So special when Rosmarie would walk in the room holding Lilli's hand and soon as she would see you that broad wide smile would commence to brighten up one's day or evening!...Yes she spoke so soft as she looked up at you with those wonderful eyes and tiny voice to say hello or good night....Lilli loved some special songs that we all dedicated to her during the course of the night. Her favorite "Your My First, My Last My Everything" by Barry White - So fitting that song that meant so much to her in her own little way......She loved the song "Memories" again fitting she would like that song because "LILLI" left us from this earth with great Memories! - She left us so many lasting wonderful "Memories" of her smile and formative desire to remember the enjoyment she instilled in all of us with a reminder "Hey let's eat - drink- dance - enjoy the music and entertainment" = She would leave the evening by saying "Thank You for my Song" and "Thank You for a Wonderful Evening"...I will end this narrative by saying "THANK YOU" Lilli - Thank You for sharing your life and bringing such joy to all of us! A Beautiful Woman - We shall never forget you and will always keep our "Memories" of you in our Hearts.
RIP God Bless you our "Angel" to all!
Tom Cesta
Tom, a good tough son of a gun - Don't know where he grew up but has lived in Yonkers for many years and married to (never holding back what is on her mind) Carolyn. Carolyn, funny, loves Doo-Wop and loved to dance, joke and have fun. Tom her husband on the other hand didnt dance much, love to socialize and drink and good beer. Like I said a tough son of a gun. Now what do I mean by that. He didnt go around beating up people he just (like Carolyn) spoke his mind and didnt take any gruff from anyone. Tom a retired New York City Police Officer wore his Police Blue on his sleeve. Proud of his work to the community!....He attended Club Dennis for years and would always have a quick chat with me about Law Enforcement work and talk about my radio shows. Tom himself loved the music of Doo-Wop and himself along with Carolyn would attend many of the Doo-Wop/oldies Concerts in the area....A Good Guy by all accounts...RIP my Law Enforcement Brother!
Bob "Bobby" Robinson
Bob was a burly built guy. A very nice man but a little demanding at times maybe even a little rude at times. But still a good guy that liked being around people, like dancing and enjoyed music especially Doo-Wop. Bob was a good friend to Carolyn and the late Tom Cesta. Most of the times they went out as a trio with there other friend hanging with them Lucille. So most of the time all four friends hung together, and when together you can count on a lot of laughs, drink and fun!
Bob also loved singing. He sang in the Acapella group called "Back In Time" - He also loved going to the Doo-Wop Concerts and of course being on stage. Like I said a good guy who kinda like things his way but that didnt make him a bad guy just a little intimadting at times. Bob was a conversationist and besides talking music loved talking and socializing in conversation with people. So Bob we all say RIP. We think of you and to be honest miss your burly built body coming thru a door with Tom by your side. God Bless both you guys! 
Antoinette O'Hare (Mama Gold)
What a delightful, lovely woman. I loved "Mama Gold" like she was my mom or grandmother. So lively, so energetic, so bright and so cheerful always. She acted and carried herself 30 years younger then her age! Just a amazing woman. Always so healthy looking and so strong but of course until she became ill. But right up to she started to slow down and got ill she had it all going. There wasen't a night at "Club Dennis" that she didnt get up and boogie with me to her favorite song "In the Mood" then dance slow to "Moonlight Serenade" - Mama Gold was a marvelous woman in her own right. She ust enjoyed life, her friends and kids. When we danced slow she would talk to me and tell me about what's going on in her life and how some of her friends act so old and complain all the time. She would talk about her kids that she loved so much and then always say "You have to taste my meatballs" - "I will have you over the house one day" - "You can see the bridge from my yard" - She loved the Bronx and her house and neighborhood. She was a true Bronxitte all the way! She would never miss the summer concerts and never missed Jane & Louise performing as "Twin Gold" - always so proud of them perferming on stage. Got to tell you for years we all envyed, and marveled Mama Gold with her energy, style, grace and loving sense she gave to everyone.
Mama Gold would always make sure she said thank you for her dance and songs and say I look forward to the enxt one lol - She would always ask me "Do you have a girlfriend yet" - "You deserve a nice girl" and I would say I have you! and she would reply 'NA I'm a ole fogey".....Yes I miss Mama Gold - She was a very Big part of "Club Dennis" and I will never forget her. I will never forget our dances. A Wonderful woman and I thank God and Jane & Louise for sharing her and bringing that lovely lady in my life! Thank You and God Bless MAMA GOLD forever!

Steve Jason (Singer/Musician with Butch Barbella)
This is guy first was a solid gentleman through & through! - A great person by all acounts of one's thought of a good guy! - A talented singer, performer and musican. Played a wonderful Flute as witnessed by the song he sang "To Be WIth You" with the Flute middle break in the song.- A voice what is known as "Blue Eyed Soul" - A very distinct voice claimed by only his sound. A great pitch of a note that came from his vocal cords. Great Style and wonderful showmanship when performing. A great dresser and the best shoes anyone wore! - But as I said a real Gentleman! A conversationist and a good looking guy to the ladies. They loved his eyes, his smile, his hair, his year round tan but most of all his friendship, and kind personality he displayed with everyone. Yes he liked to smoke and have a drink but always time to speak with those that came to hear him sing. He was respectful and honest to everyone about his life and music.....Butch Barbella was the guy that brought us or I should say brought Steve in our lives. We should all say thank you "Butch" for bringing such a great talented person into all of our lives. You see Butch played music with Steve years ago and when Butch decided some 15 years ago or so to go out on his own he formed the duo "Barbella/Jason" performing act if you will. It all started when they were performing at  Luciano's on Thursday Nights then of course once they were heard the audience followed from venue to venue...Yes, once again repeated a Gentleman and talented guy who left the earth to early.....His good friend and musician buddy "Butch" had a bench on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City named in his honor! - A great deed and dedication by Butch to show his love for Steve. You see Steve loved A/C so it was only fitting and so admirable of Butch to have a bench with Steve's name on it. If fact I suggest you go and see the bench and say a little prayer for Steve even if you never heard him sing......ANother City Steve loved, one and only Las Vegas!....
Thank You "Butch" and Thank You "Steve Jason" for your singing and lovable personality....
RIP and keep singing in Heaven adn as I said from day one when you past on "As long as I spin music on the radio I will always play a Steve Jason tune" - Saint Theresa will in fact - will remind me and I hope she does!
I can descirbe Sally as glamerous, classy, elegant and always dressed to impress. A fun loving pretty lady that always like to mingle and socilize with people....To be with people, have a drink, enjoy entertainment and dance to the music.....Sally always friendly to everyone and if their was some sort of event or entertainment going on she was there!.....I'll always remember Sally when I was performing (DJ-ing) at the Ramada Hotel on Tuckahoe Rd - She was there every Saturday, same seat and same spot with the same group of friends. Always dressed to perfection and in the winter with her beautiful fur coat! - She always had that flowing bright smile, blonde or platnum hair that moved and flowed with grace when dancing. Always the high heels and shoes that were amazing to see her dance in!...A delightful woman that was always so nice and polite to everyone.....
Sally you were a delightful wonderful person....May you RIP....And Thank You for being a part of everyone's life!....We all miss you!

Louis "Louie" Cammarosano) (Diana's Friend)
Now here is a remarkable man!....Handsome, young, bright, smart, loved life, loved music and entertainemnt. A friend of Diana, Louie would come to "Club Dennis" with his pretty wife but with one small issue, Louie was bound to a wheel chair. Like I said a smart man that was an attorney by trade.....Lou came to about all the Club Dennis events and by all accounts according to Diana he loved and enjoyed the music, performers and watching his wife have a good time dancing even though he could not really join her on the dance floor like he would want too....You could see the joy in his eyes and smile that he really did enjoy the evening of good food, entertainment and music....I really never did get the whole story on what happen to Louie but I will and I will have a second part to this narative about Lou....When you saw Lou and you were around Louie you can bet he made you appreciate life, people, friends and the joy of living a little more then what we want as we take life for granted at times....So Thank You to Diana for coming to Club Dennis and taking Louie and his wife to meet and greet us all with their friendly attitude of joy and fun!
Louie past on a little to young in life. But Thank You Lou for all what you enjoyed at Club Dennis - You showed us all what life is about....You were a inspirtation and true warrier of the fight for life!
Thank You for coming to Club Dennis and Thank You for all what you meant to all of us!
God Bless You - RIP Louis - "A Remarkable Man"
Eleanor Gentile
Ok let's start by saying Thank You for so many years of loving support by attending "Club Dennis" - Escorted always by her wonderful devoted daughter Phyliss....Amazing how they hardly missed a Music party, show or get together!...Then to top it off Eleanor became a regular talk show listener on Thursday afternoon. Not to miss getting on the radio to speak she would call at 2pm every week on a Thursday and wait on the line for 7-8 minutes till the show started. Got to say she was great, true to her conservative ideolgy she did not hesitate to speak her mine about Bloomberg, Cuomo or DeBlasio.  As they say in radio, she brought something to the table that made it interesting radio talk & listening....Just think what she would be saying now about all these democratic candidates for President....You couldn't help laughing at her humerous style but direct to the point of why she did not agree with their policies.
We all loved Eleanor, so eloquent and reserved. She would come in to "Club Dennis" quite, look for her kiss hello and then just sit quite while enjoying the atmosphere, food, music and watching as everyone would have fun. Never complaing and never a bother to anyone. She would asked to sit by the wall so not to be a pain to anyone at the table so they would have to climb over her. But that was Eleanor kind, sensative and caring and peacefull....Yes I miss that lovely woman in so many ways. She was someone special....Thank You Phyliss for bringing her to "Club Dennis" and bringing her into my life as well as you being a good friend....How it all started for her to attend I'm not sure but the result is beyond thinking, I'm just gratefull and say God Bless you Eleanor!... Your picture is on my wall with Mama Gold & Lilli...Forever itched in my mind your voice when you would come on the radio and of course your laugh when I would say something to embarrass you...RIP - Love You Eleanor Gentile.
Connie Fernandez