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  "Growing Up in the West End" of New Rochelle, NY in the 50's & 60's"
Book available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble.....Please purchase a copy!

The Book will explain in my terms "The West" when I was growing up.
All the people, friends and families that made it such a memorable and lasting creation and foudation of childhood, youth,
as an adolescent
right up to my high school years.
The book will explain the neighborhood where we all played, shopped, bought our baseballs, lemon ice, candy, newspapers,
bologna sandwiches,
pizza or just hung out at our neighborhood.
As well as the schools, churchs, restuarants, grocery stores, etc.
Hopefully my memories, reflections and experiences of  "The West"
will bring you joy and many great memories like I experienced!
Good reading to you as I return you to:
"Growing Up in the West End of New Rochelle in the 50's-60's
The way I remember it - My Memmoirs

Reading of the Book according to people NOT growing up in
New Rochelle like Yonkers, Bronx, Brooklyn, Mount Vernon etc  - tell me

"Hey Dennis growing up in the 50's-60's -  
I experienced everything you said you did in your book"!)

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