Poem's By Friend's

Club Dennis on the Radio
Every Sunday 11am sharp
I turn on my radio
and close to my heart
is Dennis Dion Nardone "Remember Then"
He'll start with a Dion
like "Where or When"

We talk to Eileen
and make a request
And Dennis will play all the songs
we like best!

A six pack of donuts
he'll play in between
And dance roung the table
with Anthony & Jean

So listen dear friends
I know you'll agree
this is the show for you and for me!

So don't forget Sunday
11 o'clock
If you want to ROCK!

Writtten by the one and "Only Rocker"
Joanne Masi Vaccaro
"Rock on Baby"  -  "Just Shut Up and Dance"

The Rocker on the left with her good buddie Phyliss

The "Voice of Harrison"
Wandering about on a summer eve, that is what Music Lovers do.
Searching for fun, laughter, on long summer nights,
when the Moon is high, Breezes blowing cool.
Music can be Jazz, Classical, Opera to Rock & Roll or Doo-Wop too!
Music soothes the Heart & Soul!
(A quote - If Music be the Food of Love, Then Play
Strolling on a warm summer night, with an August moon above the sky.
We entered into a beautiful park filled with Love,
Blankets, Chairs and Food to nibble on with a sip of Wine.
The Music was from the 50's & 60's era, playing Happy Songs from long ago,
for Lovers and unrequited Love, to set your mood, back in time!
Meeting Dennis Dion Nardone,
Who is The Host of a Radio Talk Show and Music Show.

One must listen to the "Voice of Harrison" & the "Voice of Doo-Wop",
Just to listen to his Soothing, Melodious Voice as he will ease our senses.
Dennis reaches you from his Heart to your Soul.
His Blue eyes are like the Warm Carribean Sea.
Talking, Listening to his Voice, you feel connected to his Blue Eyes,
and his sincere, generous side he then becomes that little boy at Heart!
There are so many sides to the "Voice of Harrison."
At times his Heart belongs to New Rochelle, And then who knows where?
He is the Multi-Facet man!
1999 to 2001: Man of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Talk Show Host of the Year,
Honoree, Medel for Outstanding work for the Italian/American Community,
President of the Harrison Chamber of Commerce,
Chairman of the Westchester County CrimeStoppers,
By day, he Police's the Bad Guys! Is he Tough? Do You Think?
Or does he Sing the Doo-Wop Melody's to the Inmates?
To be around Dennis Nardone, is a Comforting, Happy,
Lovable Electric feeling!

You can count on him for a Song for You or a Loved one!
Call on Dennis for your Hearts Desire and Request your favorite Tune,
He will never let you down!
My Friend Dennis has given me, and all who know Dennis,
a sense of Connection to his Music, Caring, Warmth,
Above all, his Sense of Humor!
His Passion is: People, Rock and Roll, and The Beatles Too! (Wow!)
"My Friend Dennis" -  It's Been a Great Pleasure To Know & Love You!
Written by, (Saint) Theresa Medici

"Mr. Rock and Roll"
Mr. Rock & Roll please play a song for my soul ,
Welcome one & all  - to the Club Yes - Yes - Yes!

New faces, old faces, those not yet seen,
Not so long ago, West New Ro and Mo!
In the middle where it all began, Guitar in hand,
I knew this is what I always would do.
Let's never forget, the man from the Bronx (187th & Belmont)
is always number one!
So are all that have come before me and made a piece of History
with their  - Harmony, Soul and Good Ole Rock N Roll.
Dupree's, Dubs, Passions, Larry Chance, Jive Five and Skyliners
just to name a few.
Johnny Maestro is now, as his song states,
"An Angel listening in on me and you"
Headphones on, Blue Eyes looking proud,
Blue Eyes always scanning the crowd.

Mr. Observant I will always be
as each day we make new history.
Go on, GO Vinnie, give them what they need;
never leave them sitting in their seat;
It is no accident that he and Dennis were destined to meet.
What's that you say? The Dion & The Wanderer #1,
Oh, but Kenny Vance is much more fun,
Planotone Walk is the thing to do.
Forget your troubles for a while and follow me with grace & style.
I tell you all, Yes - Yes - Yes, I play what you want
and what you need - Friends are always welcome to me,
Keep me busy Sunday and all week.
WVOX is #1 on Sunday and Thursday with Ms. Tonny, Jerryl, Eileen or Linda 
and Littlejohn too!
I keep it going evening till morn. Keep it going, soles of my shoes getting worn,
OOOOOOOoooooooohhhhhhh, is that a new face I see?
Well, Mr. Rock N Roll will add you to his tree,
I will always play "I Believe"
  because that is my philosophy.
Angels all around me.
"Yes - Yes - Yes"
In the Words of Ole Blue Eyes, "The Best Is Yet To Come" with Dennis Dion #911
Written By, Linda Bafaro
Dennis Dion Nardone Oldies Show
Oh howI love to hear
The beautiful music of yesteryear.
For the very best place to go
It's Dennis Dion Nardone's Oldies Show.
Every Saturday & Sunday the memories come fast
as we think of our youth
with those songs from the past.
I found Den one day
while turning the dial
his beautiful spirt
brings more then a smile.
We were the kids of Rock n Roll,
the rhythm and romance 
just filled one's soul.
Thank You Dennis for all the years
of songs, laughter  and sometimes tears.
The Music and memories bring us near
Let's make some new one's
For as long as were here!
Written By,    JC English