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Diane Phillips Lombardi - Dennis, today you dedicated the song "You Are My Special Angel" for my soon to be very first played the song "Till" too just before it....You gave me the chills as "Till" was my wedding song with my late husband (who died of Brain Cancer in 2007), and "You Are My Special Angel" is what he use to sing to my daughter when she was an infant!!!!...these two songs combined made me feel that he was also looking down from the heavens above....enjoying the songs and the hoopla of a new grandchild coming into this world...I aways feel that he is looking over us as a family....
Thanks for making my Day Dennis!
Carlo Riccobono - Your not only a great friend but you are a True Professional. You really treat people with so much respect.
Roman Baksdale - (member of the SInging Group "The Fella's" - Brother you put together some of the best shows ever, along with a power team of talented acts. Thanks for allowing the "Fella's" to be part of your history....Blessings to you Dennis - Please le me know about your next show, I'd love tp attend.
Mr. William O'Shaughnessey
- (President & CEO of
Media Radio) - Upon his reply to Journal News Columist Phil Reisman who asked Mr. "O" the question: "Who is the Most Popular Radio Show Host?"
Mr. "O" replied Dennis Nardone
(Thank You Mr. "O"!)
DION DiMucci
- While back stage at a Dion Concert with my good friend Frank Farley from the Bronx, Frank says to Dion - "Dion you are an idol to Dennis" - Dion replied "No Frank - Dennis is My idol!"
(First time Frank Farley was lost for words) - That is why Dion is "King of the New York Streets" "YO"
Tony Testa -
(Member of the Singing Group the Dupree's) - "You have one of the Best Doo-Wop Show's on the Radio" - "You play the music people want to hear!"........(While on stage) - Tony stated to the audience:
Dennis Nardone is a true "Purest" of the Music!
(The most requested music from any group on my show)
Dominick Randy Safuto -
(Original lead singer of the song "Denise Denise" and "Randy" of "Randy and the
Rainbows") - While being introduced by Randy while he was performing: Randy introduced me as: "Ladies and Gentleman the BEST DJ out there today playing the oldies Dennis Dion Nardone" - (Thank You Randy & Thank You Charlie Rocco for the kind words)
Ron Anthony - (Member of the Famed Singing Group from the Bronx - "The Regent's" with their top Hit "Barbara Ann") - Rock n Roll is here to stay and so is Dennis Nardone on the Air!" - "When the group is not on the road I don't miss a show" -
(A class act - Thank You Ron)
John Kuse
- (Lead Vocalist for the Singing Group from the Pelham Parkway Section of the Bronx - "The Excellent's" and their big Hit "Coney Island Baby") - What a Great Show my good buddy has" - you think the guy was a DJ in the early 60's! -
(Words from my good friend Johnnie Boy - Thank You!)
Herb Cox
- (Lead Vocalist from the Singing Group from Queens, NY "The Cleftones" - "When I am in Westchester County visiting family I love stopping by the radio station to say hello to Dennis and hear all the great music! "Especially "Little Girl of Mine"......(Another class act - a fine gentleman - Thank You Herb, your always
welcomed at the station)
Larry Chance
- (From Evander Childs High School in the Bronx - Lead Vocalist for the Legendary Singing Group "The Earl's" - "Thanks Dennis for keeping our music alive on the air!" - "If it wasen't for jocks like you where could anyone hear music of the 50's & early 60's......(A true American Legend performer - A Great
YO- Vinny - The Bronx Wanderer's founder & lead Vocalist (Vinny Adinolfi Jr) - The whole family loves listening to my good friend Dennis Nardone on the radio & internet....Great show & Thank You for playing the music of the Bronx Wanderer's from Nicky "Sticks" & "Little Vinny"......As the band travels around the country I tell all my audience's how "Dennis Dion" was the first radio jock to play our music.....(My ratings
go up when ever I play music from the Bronx Wanderer's - I Thank You guy's!)
Charlie Rocco
- (Member of Randy (Safuto) & The Rainbow's) - Dennis you got a great show - Thank You for playing "Denise"......Keep my good friend Frank Farley in line please lol.....(Hard to do Charlie with the FF -
They don't call him "The Bad Boy of the Bronx" for nothing)
Andrea Siegel - (From the Calendar-Magazine "It's all about the music") Dennis when you are on stage as the M/C you always do a Great job with Class & Style!.....
(Thank You Andrea for the kind words)
Gene "Elvis" DiNapoli - (Elvis Presley & Blues Bros. tribute artist) - "For a great mix of music from Doo-Wop to local talent, no one beats Dennis Dion Nardone's show, one of the few DJ's that will actually help local talent be heard" (For a young man who has been singing and paying tribute to the king Elvis for so many
years you are one of the best!. Not only for your talents but for your desire to eb there when called upon for charity events)
Bonnie known as "Bandstand Bonnie" (or) "Bristol Stomp Bonnie" - (From the Philadelphia area) - (Danced on American bandstand in 1961) - "Dennis is the King of Doo-Wop" - Sounds like all the Great Music of American Bandstand from the 50's-60's - "Dennis Dion Nardone has the best Doo-Wop radio show in New York, on the Internet and in the World" "It's the place to be on Sunday Morning from 11am to 2pm - Listen - Sing & Dance to the Great Songs!"
....(Love this lady - She is the Best - Can't wait to meet her!)
Ken Kostyra
- (Listener from Chicago, I'll) - "One of the Greatest Radio personalities to hit the airways"
...Dennis Dion Nardone plays some of the best Doo-Wop music the world has to offer! "Yes-Yes-Yes"
(Ken it is really an honor to have you listen from Chicago-Thank You for spreading the word about the show)
Tim Coyle
- (Listener from Windsor, Canada) - "Dennis you should commended for doing what you're doing because you are making a lot of people feel good even if it is only for a few hours. Thank You for bringing back a lot of good memories!" (Thank You Tim for sharing such nice comments - Thank You for spreading
the word about the show all over Canada & the western section of the US)
Frank Farley
- (Listener from the Bronx, NY) - I have been listening to oldies since they were new-ees. I listen to CBS FM & Satelite but NO ONE plays the music like my good friend Dennis Dion - He should have more hours and another day!!! (My friend Frank is being partial to me, but I thank him for his devoted
Howie - Donna - Joe
- (Listeners from Queens, NY) - "Dennis you are the BEST DJ!" - "We sit and listen for 3 hours not making a move, listening & singing along to all the music!" - "We love your 6 pack of donut's segment" - "You are better then any DJ that was ever on the radio!!!" (Thanks guys - But I not sure about
that last remark)
Rita Cifichiello Mastroberardino -
"If I had a bucet list, I could cross interviewed by Dennis Nardone on the Radio".....Thank You Rita for sharing your day to promote the fight against Cancer to raise money. 
- (Listener from the Arthur Ave Section of the Bronx) - "Your radio show & music take me back to the days of hangin on 187th St. & Belmont Ave in the Bronx - "Columbus High School" - Class of 62'...
(Thanks for listening Mario - I'm happy to bring back the good ole days of Music from 187th St & Belmont)
Wild Man Lou - (Radio Host from WVOX) - CBS had Cousin Brucie we have "Uncle Dennis" - "The Best oldies show on the radio"...........
(Your the Best Wild Man!!!!)
Victor Sabatini -
(Member of the Band Cowboys & Gangsters) - "Dennis do you have any idea how many people you mae happy each Sunday listening to your show?" - "You would be surprised how many people enjoy your show"!
Toni from the Bronx
- (Listener from the "Throggs Neck" section of the Bronx) - Cardinal Spelman H.S. Grad
Sunday is Church - Coffee - Daily News & listening to Dennis Dion Nardone on the radio - "No one please don't bother me until 2pm".......
(Thank You Toni)
Theresa Medici
- (Listener from the Morris Park Section of the Bronx known as Saint Theresa) - "If I had a choice of listening to Opera - Jazz - Big Band - Frank Sinatra or Dennis Nardone on the radio - "It would be of course Dennis Dion" - "I knew him first!" - I also love listening on Thursday to his Talk Radio Show".......
(Thank You for your support for so many years St. Theresa)
Bernie Indelicato
- (Listener from Bronxville) - Thank You WVOX for allowing Dennis to play all that wonderful music that I grew up to for 3 hours. - I just wish you would give him 6 hours!........
(I'll go for that Bernie - Thank You for listening & support)
Vic Sab
- (Member of the Band "Just Nuts" from the Bronx) - "I was drinking my cappuccino coffee while with my girfriend and I decided to tinker around with the wires on my AM radio when all of a sudden I hear the "Moonglows" - "I thought I had CBS on but I found out I discovered Dennis Nardone and I haven't stop listening to all that great music of the 50's-60's since." - "It's now church - Dennis Nardone and then over to Mom's for Macaroni & Meatballs and of course cappuccino!"........(Wow -what a great discovery Vic! -you
found the music and I met a great friend - Thank You Victor)
Linda Lupe -
(Listener from West Harrison, NY) - "He is Mr. Rock n Rooooooolllllllll every Sunda 11am to 2pm
(Yes-Yes-Yes Lupe)
Ken Kojak -
(Listener from East Rockaway, NY) - "Who loves ya baby" - "We do - Keep the music going Dennis!".....
(Will do Ken - Thank You)
Rosalie V -
(Listener from Bayside, Queens, NY) - I Loovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee listening to "Club Dennis on the Radio" -
(Yes-Yes-Yes Rosalie - Thank You)
Magical Couple - (Listener from Yonker's NY - Jean & Anthony as way of East Harlem & the Bronx) - "We start our day with a cup of coffee, stirring the Sunday gravy and dancing around the coffee or kitchen table to the song "Could This be Magic" by the Dubs" -
(Truly a Magical Couple - over 50 years married)
Nancy D - (Listener from Yonkers, NY as way of Ossining, NY) - "I just love (in the winter under the covers in bed or in the summer by the pool) relaxing & listening to the songs that Dennis plays!"......
(Nothing like being under the covers or sitting at the pool listening to the show)-Thank You Fancy Nancy!
Mike Ferrera
- (Listener from New Rochelle) - My wife and I never miss the show and in fact in the summer everyone at the pool at the Greentree Beach Club has the show on and you can hear it all over the club!...
(Thank You Mike for having the whole Beach Club listening!)
Kathleen - "LadyK"
- (Listener from Fort Lee, New Jersey) - "I listen every week and love telling all my friends to click onto the to listen on the Internet"......
(Thank You Lady K for listening & preading the word about the show)
John Wheelen - (Listener from new Hyde Park, Long Island) - "Nothing like sitting in my garage with a nice cigar relaxing on Sunday and listening to the great music from Dennis Nardone
...(Thank You "JW")
Bob Marrone
- (Morning Jock fro Whitney Radio) - "Dennis has the best oldies/Doo-Wop show on the radio no doubt about it - If your into oldies you got to listen every Sunday with Dennis".......
Thank You Bob - Great Morning Man - M-F - 6am to 9am
Phil Caggiano
-(Business man and Singer/Entertainer - new album out called "The Music Keeps Me Young")
Dennis you really have a great show it's amazing wherever I go people tell me about you radio show!.....
(Thank You Phil - Terrific Singer - Good luck with the new album)
Bruce Buono
- Long time Singer who sang Doo-Wop/R&B/Rock and the man that DION said (on my radio show) that Bruce was a Great performer "even better then Elvis" - "Dennis your the only guy playing this music - keep it going it sounds great and your doing a terrific job!......
(Thanks Bruce - coming from you that is a big compliment)
John Maguire - (Listener from New Rochelle,NY to New Jersey and sometimes Florida) - Dennis I know you a long time from the old neighborhood and with working with you - Thank you for "Keeping the Music Alive" Great Job!............
(Thank You John for listening wherever you live these days lol)
Lou from Morris Park
- (Listener from the Morris Park section of the Bronx) - Dennis is just like the odl days growing up in the Bronx - On the Corners, in the Candy Stores - Great Man!.......
(Thank You Lou - Happy to bring back memories)
Rocker Richie
- (Listener from Port Chester,NY)  -As a big DION fan, no one plays more DION then you Dennis - Love the Show, My wife Linda and I don't miss a show....
(Thank You Rocker & Mrs. Rocker)
Rocker Joanne
- (Listener from the Morris Park section of the Bronx) - Myself and all my neighbors listen every week, Thank you for palying all my requests.....(Your welcome Rocker - Thank You & your neighbors)




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