Soprano's Page

"What's Goin On" Radio Show

Starring Vincent Pastore along with Co-Host Dennis Nardone

Vincent Pastore
Star of Stage - Screen - Theater - TV - Radio  - Commercials
Known from the Hit TV HBO Show "The Soprano's as Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero

The Following Guests Have Appeared On the Radio Show 

(Dead Soprano Segment - Discussing their role as they got Whacked on the TV Show) 

Al Speienza - (Role) - Mickey Palmice - Uncle Junior's driver & body guard. - Gets beat up by Tony on the street and then Tony uses a staple gun and staples numerous staples of a parking ticket to Mickey's chest. 
Mickey then: while jogging gets shot by Paulie Wall Nuts & Christopher in the woods.

David Proval - (Role) - Richie Aprile Sr. - (Richie is one of the meanest killers on the show) - Married to Janice (Tony Soprano's Sister) - Richie gets in an argument with Janice about their son Richie Jr. - During the argument Richie punches Janice in the face. Janice returns with a gun and shoots Richie and kills him. Tony has Richie's body chopped up in the pork store by Christopher & Furio and for his disappearance Tony tells everyone he is in a witness protection program!

Dan Gramaldi - (Role) - Twin Brother Role - (Philly & Patsy Parisi) - Philly Parisi gets shot by Gigi after talking to much about Tony. He then comes back to the show as Philly's twin brother "Patsy Parisi."

Robert Fumaro - (Role) - Eugene Pontecorvo - Hangs himself in the garage after a denied request to Tony about leaving the "Family" and moving to Florida after inheriting 2 million dollars. Eugene can't take the pressure from his wife - Tony & the FBI as an informant.

Lou Martini Jr. - (Role) - Anthony Infante - Brother-In-Law to NY Mob Boss Johnny Sacc's - Last seen of
Infante he was in the Federal Prison speaking with Johnny. Johnny was dying and asked Infante how will people remember him? Infante said "A good father and a good husband"

Maureen Van Zandt - Wife in real life to Stevie Van Zandt (Bruce Spingsteen E-Street Band Member) - Played the role as Gabriella Dante the wife to Silvio (Stevie Van Zandt) Dante on the show. - Close friend of Tony Soprano's wife (Carmela) on the show.....(Did not die on the show)

Other Guests on the Show

Gary US Bonds - Singer-Performer - Gold Record with "Quarter to Three" other song Hits - "New Orleans" - "This Little Girl of Mine"
Bill Vera - Singer - Actor - Writer - Big Song #1 Hit - 1981 - "At This Moment"
Pat Cooper - Long time Comedian - Appeared on many TV Shows including "The Ed Sullivan TV Show"
Michael "Tunes" Antune - Sax Player in the Band - "John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band"
Pepe - Lead Vocals for the Band "Alive & Kickin" - #1 Gold Hit Record in 1970 "Tighter & Tighter"
Eddie Denise - Bass Guitarist for DION DiMucci - Has own band called "Set to Stun" - Has performed with many performers i.e. Ronnie Spector - Shangri-Las - Lou Christie - Sidewinder.
Garland Jefferys - Muscian - Song writer & Performer all over the world....Performed with Bruce Springsteen.
Dante - Organizer of the new Orleans Italian Parade - Restaurant Owner in New Orleans.
Chris Brown - Local Westchester County, NY Singer - Sng Writer - Actor - Artist - Member of the Band "Bookends"
Killer Joe - From Long Island, NY Singer - Actor
Frank Pisani - From Westchester County, NY Singer - Actor - Musician - Song Write & Teacher
Ken Eichler - Joel Smith - Cat McCord - Members of the Band "Hip Pocket band"

The Vincent Pastore Radio Show has been suspended since Vinny went on location to film and also will be on the road making personal appearances......
We hope to resume the show when Vinny fulfills his obligations.
Vinny thanks his guests and listeners and his many fans and hopes to be back on the mike soon!